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  Ben Avery 12:26 15 Jul 2003


I'm under construction of a website at the moment.

Me and my fiancé are getting hitched next year in August and friends who wanna know what we plan on doing when we get a house re: colours of rooms etc etc caused me to set up a section of my site's webspace for the house and home stuff.

Pictures included of all the junk we're buying etc! :o)

Can you all take a look and give me some feedback please?

There's other stuff on the site like a user guide I make for a bit of software I keep getting asked how to use but that may not interest anyone here. Still, general feedback on the site would be good if you don't mind!



  Ben Avery 12:36 15 Jul 2003


click here

  Taran 13:01 15 Jul 2003

Well, the resolution instructions are all well and good but are impossible or impractical to apply if you are running an older system with a 15 inch monitor.

I'm not a fan of JavaScript clocks and similar but I do know that a lot of people like them. If you want to keep it why not confine it to your home page instead of having it on every page ? That way you still have the effect without detracting from the text on your pages that people will no doubt be trying to read.

It's easy to read (apart from that clock !) and the navigation is clear.

Good effot and apart from adding a few images (people like to see pictures on web pages) it's doing just fine.

  Ben Avery 13:06 15 Jul 2003

Thanks for the input. I was considering adding the clock to just one or two parts of the site, mainly where no major text is.

Thanks for the image advice, I'll see what I can cook up!

People with 15" monitors can make the choice, if they don't like it, they can always revert back to how it was (likely 800x600)

I used a 15" monitor at work for about 2 years and had mine set to 1078x768 as I couldn't stand 800x600 resolution so some may like it. As I say, if they don't, they'll just ahve to do a litlle scrolling!

Cheers bud


  Damo. 05:54 16 Jul 2003

On your page you dedicate the home page to telling people how to set resolution to 1078x768?


There is no such resolution? You surely mean 1024x768?

Also that java-script clock that follows the mouse is extremely annoying and serves no purpose as people already have a clock on their desktop.

Other than that well done, the rest of it is clean and easy to read.


  Ben Avery 08:45 16 Jul 2003


Yep a classic number input blunder on my part - thanks for that! Clock will be disappearing from the main pages on the advice of Taran also, haven't changed and uploaded yet - will do so tonight probably.

Thanks for the input!


  TechMad 08:55 16 Jul 2003

Its not always possible for users to change their screen resolutions. From personal experience I have been met with a few bizzare problems. I have a 15" monitor, which in Windows will only work at 800x600 or below, otherwise the screen goes on standby. Yet in RedHat and Mandrake the screen happily runs at 1024x768.

  Ben Avery 09:05 16 Jul 2003

I think it's safe to say that, withj the feedback so far, I will need to re-word that page saying that it may not be practical on 15" monitors (unless they're TFT of course, they'd work fine).

Thank you.

What did you think of the layout etc?


  TechMad 09:17 16 Jul 2003

Maybe all your potential readers have large screens, but personally I would change the site to be read able at a lower resolution.

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