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  [DELETED] 22:22 04 Sep 2003

Hey all Would you mind checking out my site.

WARNING: This site is aimed at the younger generations. anyone who hates background music dont even go there.

Its prob best viewed on broadband as its a bit graphics intensive.

With all that said im only 15 and its my first site ever.

So comments or more like critisisms pls


  Forum Editor 22:45 04 Sep 2003

you'll have to post the url so we can see it.

  [DELETED] 22:48 04 Sep 2003

LOL i missed that LOL im never going to stop laughing.

click here

  [DELETED] 23:54 05 Sep 2003

Hey i may be young and stupid but does nobody want to give any feedback.

  Forum Editor 00:21 06 Sep 2003

- you told us so. Whether you're stupid or not I wouldn't know, but you are a little impatient.

Give your thread time - it's Friday night, and I imagine that you'll get some response over the next 48 hours. Your site looks fine to me, in fact it looks more than fine considering you're only 15.

All images are automatically copyrighted at the moment of creation by the way, and unless there's a specific 'copyright free' statement on a site, or an individual image you must assume that it's protected. Taking images from other sites without permission is illegal. At best you'll be pinching someone else's hard work, and at worst you could find yourself with a law suit on your hands. "Do it right, or don't do it" is not a bad motto to live by on the web (or throughout your working life), so why not email the webmasters of any sites that have images you like, and ask them to grant you a copyright release - you'll feel better for it, even if the answer's 'No'.

  [DELETED] 00:45 06 Sep 2003

Your website has a lot of content, that is one great thing about it.

But I do not like the frames on the navigation.

Others here will explain what needs to be done,

but a big blue XP bar on a black background looks a little out of place.

I use forms, which are easy to create, especialy with programs that do this for you.

But as a start it goes like this:

<form bgcolor="black">

form {color: orange}
Text goes here.


And you can colour that up too, but that is only basic. There is much more to it than that, but you could then add coloums, etc.

Much more info here:

click here

Which also supplies coloums scripts.

But there is frames advice too, but I would suggest out with the bar.

Other than that the site is great, but wait for others to reply, they may have more time to suggest diffrent things.


  [DELETED] 18:57 06 Sep 2003


sorry to have to give another link but, look here

click here

this si a validation to test your sites integrity...

BTW v.nice site

  [DELETED] 22:13 06 Sep 2003

I did post on thursday and thought i was being ignored,

When u suggest the copyright of images what exactly are u suggesting.

My images are all my property. I dont believe that i have copied anything without permission. I have taken images with my own camera and even created some myself.

eg the pc cases, the screenshots and all the Fnf pictures were taken off the movie myself. Is that breach of copyright.

  Forum Editor 23:29 06 Sep 2003

are all your property are they? I can see quite a few that are clearly taken from other sources - such as the Black Hawk Down image on the home page, and the images of the cars. If you took the photographs of the cars yourself I apologise, and you are in the wrong business, but you don't see too many Mercedes CLKs or Dodge Vipers on the UK roads, and I assumed you took them from another site.

That being the case, they are copyright-protected at source, and unless you have obtained a release from the owners you are technically in breach of the copyright act. I doubt that anyone is going to come knocking on your digital door unless your site reaches very high traffic levels, but that's what I was referring to.

Screenshots are also copyright-protected, but games companies are accustomed to people publishing them, and they are usually only too pleased to have the publicity. The convention is that you attribute the images, that is you place a small line of text near to the images saying "Black Hawk Down screenshots-copyright Novalogic" so that it's clear you aren't the originator, and that you are acknowledging the copyright. The reason you do this is that it is assumed that the copyright on the content of all web sites is vested in the site's designer or owner unless otherwise stated.

All that might sound complex and unnecessary, but it isn't - copyright is an important issue on the Internet, and becoming more so. Breach of copyright litigation is on the increase - and can be painful on the wallet.

  [DELETED] 09:27 07 Sep 2003

The Black Hawk Down Image came off the box set of the DVD.

You said: (screenshots)

"so that it's clear you aren't the originator"

All the screenshots of Black Hawk Down are of MY Creation. Are you saying that Novalogic still own them?

The cars came out of an old magazine, they were scanned onto my PC. This is hardly taking off another site and that is the only area that I may have "borrowed" content

I would like your further opinion

  [DELETED] 18:54 09 Sep 2003

Pls i want to know if i am still breaking copyright although i have done the above

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