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  The blue rhino 19:29 12 May 2003

Hi, I've just finished making a webpage,I used bravenet and the instructions were very easy (they had to be for me)Well after now having a couple of stiff drink's i wondered if anyone would take a look and give me any constructive advise,It is my first ever atempt at anything like this.

I've had computer's for years but only seemed to ever use them for playing games and now i feel i need to be doing more.

I am not looking for any praise just how it looks and weather the link's are ok ( i know one link that's definately stopping and thats a link to this site).

So if anyone as a moment to look i would appreciate any feed back.

The blue rhino

  duplo 19:31 12 May 2003

What is your web address?

  The blue rhino 19:37 12 May 2003

Did i mention i was nervious ( red faced ) sorry

click here

  Patr100 19:43 12 May 2003

Few errors -
Please see below

Above you will see links that will take you to site's (sites) that can Help you with all your Computer problems. There is also a link for (,) in my opinion (,) The Best Search Engine Google.
I Intend this page to be my Homepage, So i (I) have the link's (links) on hand. But also for anyone who wish's(wishes) to use it.
The links are my favourite site's (sites) and i (I) think everyone will find them helpfull (helpful) and intresting.(interesting)
I may add other links, And feature's (features, ) that all depend's (depends) on how much time i (I) manage to free up to keep this page running.

  Patr100 19:46 12 May 2003

I've spotted a few others but I don't want to go over the top in correcting things. Otherwise it's a good effort as a start.

  -pops- 19:53 12 May 2003

Have a check on your "i" and "I" - wrongly used several times. Aslo there are instances of the greengrocer's apostrophe (incorrectly placed 's), spelling (helpfull only has two letter l, not three). The plural of wish is wishes. Be consistent in your use of capitalisation - if you are using upper case letters in the middle of sentence, be consistent in the way you do it.

When I opened the page I got a huge ebay overlay and another one which disappeared fast so I couldn't see it - don't like either of them. I went to the site for The Blue Rhino, not ebay. By all means place a link but as it is, too much in yer face.

The above may seem carping and overcritical but, you want it correct don't you?


  otubby1 20:04 12 May 2003

I agree with -pops-... a good layout, nice and simple and to the point, but the spelling and grammar and spelling need touching up and I hate popups. I haven't tried the links but I have every faith.

  The blue rhino 20:13 12 May 2003

I've taken another look sorry English was never my fav subject,I've tried to improve it if you could look and see if it's any better.

Take 2

click here

  otubby1 20:24 12 May 2003

Below is not critisism, it is to help you out, as you say, English isn't your strong point. The question mark after the intentional capital comment in the brackets is because I didn't know whether you intended them or not. I hope this helps you out. Good luck with your site.

Above you will see links that will take you to sites that can [Help] (intentional capital?) you with all your [Computer] (intentional capital?)problems. There is also a link for[,] (comma) in my opinion[,] (comma) The Best Search Engine[,] (comma) Google.
I [Intend] (intentional capital?) this page to be my Homepage, [So] (intentional capital?) [i] (capitalize) have the links on hand. But also for anyone who wishes to use it.
The links are my favourite sites and I hope everyone will find them helpful and interesting.
I may add other links and features[,] (comma) that all depends on how much time I manage to free up to keep this page running.
If you have any [thought's] (no apostrophe) on improving this page eg. more links[,] (comma) you can email me at[:] (colon)

  graham√ 20:32 12 May 2003

Is there anyone who could proof-read before writing to your webpage? It is more important to get the spelling and grammar correct than on a forum.

  spuds 20:32 12 May 2003

Seems okay, colours good to the eye, but I would improve on the Rhino logo insert. One problem that as been previously mentioned, the pop-ups are a little annoying, but if you are using a subsidised site, then this is expected.Links are working fine.Also find that my SpyBot S&D was working well on finding things like "MediaPlex".

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