opinions please....

  splatter 15:48 08 Oct 2009

Before I post a link or anything I would like to make it clear that I am not touting for business. I designed this website for the company I work for and while the management seem happy with it I would rather get the opinion of the general public.

So, the link is click here

Be as harsh as you like, but don't point out the spelling mistake on the menu...I know about it but need to wait until after 5 to Re-Publish :(

And the link again: click here

  Forum Editor 17:41 08 Oct 2009

should read 'management'

"tailored to ther business requirements."

I'm sure I don't need to point out the typo.

"easy retirval facilities" on the document storage section.

"your working day run's smoothly." should read 'your working day runs smoothly.'

If I spotted those in the first two minutes there will be others - I suggest that you spend an hour or so checking your text carefully for errors - nothing looks as unprofessional as spelling mistakes and grammatical errors.

  Jollyjohn 15:00 09 Oct 2009


Check out your links - if you go to employment and then back , you end up at a blank page.

To help with fonts etc use a css stylesheet and link all pages to it.

  123joey123 15:09 09 Oct 2009

On my computer the bottom paragraph overruns

  splatter 16:53 09 Oct 2009

Thanks for the input guys... especially on the spelling and grammer!

Jollyjohn, I dont experience this problem in IE, FF or Chrome on Vista... what OS/Browser are you using to get this behaviour?

joey, which page does this happen on, and which OS/Browser are you using?

Forum member, the sidebar was not a last minute slap on I can assure you, but now that its been pointed out I can see why you might think this. The inspiration for it (and the way its sits on top of the navigation area) came from a wordpress theme.

  victormcd 11:32 10 Oct 2009

aside from the foregoing grammar issues... it took a longer time to load than i like (i have a 4 point something average connection speed)

I also don't see the relevance of a picture of the unit and the other pics seem lacking in their secriptive depth. What I mean by this is rather than a pic of the scanning process I'd rather a diagram that assures me ALL details from the paperwork are captured ... similarly with the shredder pic I'd rather an image of the securely destroyed reults

One last thing is that on my monitor many sites aren't centered and yours commits this (minor) sin
but other than that it's a nice site :)

Hope that's helpful and good luck

  anchor 13:55 13 Oct 2009

Like victormcd, I found the pages rather slow to load (about 6 seconds). My download speed is about 5.6, so they load much quicker.

  anchor 13:56 13 Oct 2009

I meant to say, "they should load much quicker"

  jackhenry 16:30 13 Oct 2009


I have viewed your web site and the one big issue that hits me straight away is the physical size of the site. A page size in the region of 980x1100 would I feel make the site easier to read. At the moment it looks stretched out. The box on the right of the page needs to be in the same font as the rest of the site; I feel this information could be better placed by being broken up into separate boxes and repositioned at the bottom of the page.
Just my opinion, but you did ask!

  Jollyjohn 20:21 13 Oct 2009

Sorry for the delay in replying - I am using Firefox in Linux Mint 5

  ashleycardwell94 21:52 13 Oct 2009

what app did you use to make your site?

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