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  SDJ 13:55 13 Oct 2003

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New to webdesign, just finished this site for some friends.
They didnt want anything flashy which is good seeing as I am a newbie.

I know I need to change the links to change colour when hovered.

I would like to sort out the code so it is tidier as I started using dreamweaver and then when the trial ran out moved over to FP2000 = code is a bit messy, anyone know of a utility I can use to tidy this up.

Cheers for any comments

  Forum Editor 22:41 13 Oct 2003

to web design this is a very creditable effort. Your site does the one thing that a web site needs to do if it is to be a success - it grabs the visitor's attention.

Of course there are things that could be improved - having a scroll bar in a form isn't ideal, and the more so because it merges into the background. Consider making the page larger, and inserting thr text into a table for a tighter control over positioning.

The text would possibly lose a little tension if you varied the font size more as well - so that headers and body text were more distinct.

These are minor quibbles - the site does its job very well as it stands.

  slowhand_1000 23:07 13 Oct 2003

As FE states, a very worthy effort - well done. Apart from pointers given by FE I do think that the navigation links could do with being more prominent, possibly using a button 'style' menu.

  SDJ 23:34 13 Oct 2003

Cheers both of you.

I am in the process of designing some buttons.
I want to do them from scratch as apposed to downloading them, so I will see how they come out and use them instead of just text.

Its funny what you (FE) say about the form, I got the idea to use slices and have the individual pages within the homepage from a tutorial but the one page I didnt like the look of was the contact page.
The guys I designed this for couldnt see how to scroll down until I showed them the coloured scrollbar so I am concerned that others may have difficulty also.

I think that will have to be changed soon. My only concern is that a cgi script was created by the hosting company as I couldnt do it and I am worried about messing up what they have done for me. I will just have to spend some time looking at it and figure it out.

I think also that page could be condensed slightly.

Anyway thanks for your comments, I am really pleased that PCA has this website section as knowing of many of the guys from the helproom I was assured a helpful response as always.

  Forum Editor 23:48 13 Oct 2003

I can soon provide you with a new one if yours doesn't work. I'm sure it will work however - all you're going to do is change the size of the page to show the whole form. The script simply sends the form results to the server's sendmail facility.

  tomleady 14:42 15 Oct 2003

excellent first effort. are you sure you havent done one before? you have a lot of tricks on it!

anyway, i would have to say that the scroll bar in the middle is quite annoying.

also, when i view it on 800x600, there is a scroll bar across the bottom. just thought i'd let you know.

but overall, nice one!

  SDJ 18:05 15 Oct 2003

I havent done one before honest. I did pick up a copy of Practical Web Projects though and thook it from there.

I must admit the inlaid scroll bar is starting to annoy me. I liked it to begin with as I used photoshop to do the background with slices keeping the skyline in view at all times.

Im not really sure what to do now as a change such as getting rid of the toolbar would require a complete change and im not sure if I want to do that.

Plus my trials of Photoshop and Dreamweaver have ended and I cant afford to buy them....... Time to get the violin out!!!!

Cheers for your comments.

  SDJ 11:33 19 Oct 2003

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I have amended the contact page so it should all fit without that annoying scroll bar.

I seem to have an error on the homepage though and cant figure out what is wrong with it, am I missing something?

Also I hope my amending of the contact page hasnt prevented it from working. I amended it late last night and tried it unfortunatley I emailed the guys to say I had changed it and asked them to make sure they received my dummy request but they havent replied. I dont have the email account to try it so I will just have to wait for them to come back to me. I really must learn the cgi stuff.


  SDJ 11:46 19 Oct 2003

Well I know the script is still working as I found the mail settings and setup the account and received another test enquiry I sent. So thats good.

Still cant figure out what the error is on the home page though.

Love the new PCA site.

  Gaz 25 17:25 20 Oct 2003

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There is a snip of Zonealarm code in your source.

It seems you run zonealarm pro.

  SDJ 18:58 20 Oct 2003

Oh yeah, cheers mate

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