Opinions on this laptop please?

  Ed Case 13:08 25 Jun 2006

I'm after a new laptop. Have found this one in Currys
click here
It's at the top end of my budget.
What are other peoples opinions on this laptop?
Good, bad etc?

  ed-0 13:21 25 Jun 2006

If you just want to do simple tasks then it will be fine. Try and do more than one task and they grind to a halt.IMHO Personally I woundn't touch one with a celeron cpu, I've used a few.

I think this is a much better machine from comet click here. If you buy on line it's down to £479. The 1.7Ghz centino is very good for proccesing power, WiFi and battery life.

  Andsome 13:25 25 Jun 2006

Why not look online, Currys are almost certain to be more expensive. I bought a Toshiba for my daughter a couple of years ago from Dabs.com, at a price over £40 less than Dixons and Currys.

  Ed Case 15:05 25 Jun 2006

I'll just be using it for everyday tasks. No gaming etc. Will be plugged in most of the time so battery life isn't really an issue.
Would the Celeron processor be fine for this?

  woodchip 15:11 25 Jun 2006

You can get more for less. For an IDEA look click here

  woodchip 15:20 25 Jun 2006
  Dipso 15:21 25 Jun 2006

Do you need a DVD writer? This one click here works out at £381 delivered. Could do with another 256RAM, about £20 and very easily fitted.

  ed-0 18:14 25 Jun 2006

I do have a box with a selection of celeron cpu's. These have been gathered from a few desktop machines that people thought where a good buy. Unfortunately they found that the machines did not perform to there expectations. Luckily most have taken P4 socket 478 cpu's as replacements.

The difference has been very noticeable from those who have taken the option to upgrade the cpu. They have been glad to change the cpu. A 1.7 centrino cpu should be the equivalent of a full blown P4 2.6 to 2.8Ghz cpu.

As an aside if someone wants some slightly used 2.0Ghz+ celeron chips, let me know.;-)

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