Operator Assisted orr Manual Dial Message

  Lady Lara 15:12 02 Dec 2004

A friend has called me and tells me his new pc will not connect. I have been round and well this is what i have found.

Modem is working fine and trying to dial out. Tel number is correct (dialled from phone and got high pitched noises!!)The error message appears

Operator Assisted or Manual Dial.... Pick up the handset and dial (or ask the operator to dial) Press OK immediatley after dialing then replace the handset....

The phone is not connected to a split socket as the modem is the only one on the socket.

Anyone ever met this before?


  ACOLYTE 15:17 02 Dec 2004

Did he put a tick in the box that say you need to dial a number for an out side connection,it may not be that but worth a check,if not try reinstalling the dial up software.

  Lady Lara 15:18 02 Dec 2004

He is running XP SP2, has a dial up modem andgot his PC from MESH by the way

  Lady Lara 15:20 02 Dec 2004

I deleted all dial up connections and placed a tiscali disk in. Program installs but get the same message when tiscali connection tries

  ACOLYTE 15:23 02 Dec 2004

Has he been online with it before,or is this the first time he tried to connect?,if he been online before you may wont to check for rouge dialers on pc,these have a habbit of changing settings,to dial there own number.

  Lady Lara 15:26 02 Dec 2004

first time trying to connect. PC is brand new and it has yet to connect

  ACOLYTE 15:31 02 Dec 2004

click here this may help.

  Technotiger 15:33 02 Dec 2004

Hi, just a thought, but I would have thought it was neither operator nor manual dial, but automatic via the software you have installed? lol

  beeuuem 16:29 02 Dec 2004

From click here

When you use a dial-up connection to connect to a network or to the Internet, you may receive the following message:
Operator Assisted or Manual Dial
Pick up the handset and dial (or ask the operator to dial).
Press OK immediately after dialing, then replace the handset.

Phone Number: xxx-xxx-xxxx
This behavior occurs because Operator-Assisted Dialing is turned on.
To resolve this behavior, turn off Operator-Assisted Dialing. To do this, follow these steps:

1. Click Start, and then click Control Panel.

2. Double-click Network Connections.

3. On the Advanced menu, click Operator-Assisted Dialing to turn it off.

Note If operated-assisted dialing is turned on, a check mark appears next to the Operator-Assisted Dialing option on the Advanced menu.

  beeuuem 16:31 02 Dec 2004

Sorry for duplicating your link. As ever I'm too slow.

  Lady Lara 17:29 02 Dec 2004




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