Operating temperature of a laptop PC?

  Daibus 13:51 10 Jul 2008

My laptop is an HP dv2031ea with XP as the OS.

I was just checking the operating temperature as I live in Spain and it can get rather warm. Just now the CPU is 53?, GPU 79? and the Seagate HD registers 55?.

Are these temperatures OK? The underneath of the laptop is warmer than the top but I think this is normal anyway.

Many thanks.

  Daibus 13:53 10 Jul 2008

Sorry about the question marks - should have been?.

  Daibus 13:55 10 Jul 2008

Degrees !

  nosharpe 13:57 10 Jul 2008

why don't you contact HP?

  crosstrainer 13:57 10 Jul 2008

Nothing to worry about, normal temps. Just dont leave it in the sun.

  nosharpe 13:58 10 Jul 2008
  Halmer 14:14 10 Jul 2008

my laptop is the need to get ventilation underneath it etc. I was recently confined to bed and my laptop was my lifeline but I've learned that: -

1. Putting the laptop on top of the bed makes it very warm because it is starved of air underneath. It felt like a hot water bottle at times and

2. The vents suck in an awful lot more dust/fibres in a bedroom.

Your temps are similar to mine when it's being used sensibly.


  crosstrainer 14:17 10 Jul 2008

I had exactly the same situation at the end of April. I used a wooden laptop tray:

click here

To ensure ventilation, worked fine, although now I'm up and about again I'm wondering if I will ever use it again :)

  Halmer 21:51 12 Jul 2008

not a very good photo of you ;-)

  Halmer 21:53 12 Jul 2008


  woodchip 22:03 12 Jul 2008

It depends on the CPU in the Laptop, cheap Laptops use Desktop CPUs this drains the battery faster and they run hotter. I have a Medion with a Celeron Desktop CPU a 2.2Gz and you can not have it on your Lap, it just gets too hot, On the other hand I have a HP with a mobile Centrino CPU that hardly gets warm

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