Operating temperature of an Athlon 64 3200?

  Fatboy415 20:54 16 Dec 2006

Today I installed an Arctic Cooling (AC-ALP-64) Alpine 64 CPU Cooler purchased from Ebuyer to replace a noisy stock AMD one.

A reviewer on the Ebuyer web site says he runs an Athlon 64-3200+ at about 24°C. I have the same CPU and the Abit utility shows my processor running at around 47 oC!

Can someone advise what is the normal operating temperature for this chip? I only use the PC for Internet and office apps but would like to play Far Cry but don’t want to push it too much.

Thank you as always.

  AndySD 21:06 16 Dec 2006

The processor should work happily up to 90 bt you can set a cut off in the bios to 75 or 80 as a failsafe.

The temp will also depend on the case temp what is this showing?

Finally the temp readings on a lot of motherboards is not overly accurate.

  Probabilitydrive 21:06 16 Dec 2006

Here you may find the max temperature your CPU can run click here

more info here click here

  Fatboy415 07:57 17 Dec 2006

My case temp is show 34 deg. C which I think is the correct working temperature.

My power supply has a 120mm diameter fan, and yesterday I disabled a 120mm case fan hoping to cut down some noise a little.

Perhaps I'll connect it back up and see if that helps.

I'm still trying to understand how another AMD user can get his CPU down to 24 deg. C?


  Totally-braindead 13:40 17 Dec 2006

I would suggest either they guys not telling the truth or he mistyped or he has some other cooling as well.
I have a 3500 Athlon 64 and it runs quite happily using standard fans and heatsinks at about 45 degrees. At the moment its only 29 degrees the same temp as the case temp but I've only just switched it on. When gaming my temperature rises quite quickly.
As long as your computer doesn't start to reach say 60 degrees theres no cause for concern. It it was reaching 60 I would start to look for ways to increase the cooling but since you say yours runs at 47 which I presume is under load then theres no problem, mine comes close to this under load.
Perhaps he was refering to the temp his CPU was at when first booted up because as I said my temp at startup is 29 degrees.
To check your program is reading the temp right run the computer under load for a while, check the temps using the Abit utility then restart the PC and go into BIOS and see what it says the temperature is. The BIOS will be a more accurate reading than the program.
You have no cause for concern at the moment so I see little point in getting worried about what someone else says there computer runs at.

  Fatboy415 15:33 17 Dec 2006

Thank you Totally-braindead.

I will do as you suggest and fire up a few apps to put it to the test to see how much the temperature rises by.

The PC runs perfectly well, it was just that I was expecting quite a drop in temperature as well as noise.

Don't suppose you can have everything.

Thank you for your replies.

  Fatboy415 11:32 20 Dec 2006

Just to finish off this thread I connected back up the 120mm case fan which caused the case temp to fall from 38 deg C to 32 deg C. This had a knock on effect of bringing down the CPU temp to 40 deg C so it is quite surprising how one small thing can effect the CPU temperature.

I'm leaving well alone now!

  rmcqua 12:19 20 Dec 2006

AMD technical guys suggest 70 deg. C as the maximum temperature to which you should set the cut-off temp. I don't know who the E-Bay reviewer was but 24 deg.C is just about room temperature - he must have made a mistake. Maybe he was referring to a 24 deg.C temperature rise (above ambient)?

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