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  Young neil 11:48 16 Jun 2003

I currently have XP home edition providing the operating system for my PC.

I was hoping to install another operating system to my PC to make it a duel boot system, but I was wandering will it be ok to install Linux SuSE 8.2 because SuSE apparently uses the FAT 32 file system and XP uses the NT file system.

Is it possible to run the two of these operating systems from the one pc ?

  Dr. Charles 11:56 16 Jun 2003

Yes. Although I run Linux for myself on a different PC but that is for "Security " reasons.

This has been discussed here loads of times and you should find out how its done in the archives



  The Sack 12:43 16 Jun 2003

It might be a good idea to partition your hard drive first though eh.

  Young neil 14:01 16 Jun 2003

yes I know that the sack.......

Thanks for you help charles

  dth 15:34 16 Jun 2003

Yes you can run the two systems together on the one p/c and one hard drive.

Linux does not use the Fat32 system but the Ext2 system but can see data on a fat32 system. It cannot read data on a ntfs system.

The best way to proceed (assuming that your hard drive is not already partioned) is to wipe your disc and partition this. On Drive C set up win XP using fat32 rather than ntfs. Then set up Linux on your free partition. Suse is very straight forward to set up - but one word of advice is rather than let the system re-write your p/c start up instructions select the floppy disc option. This would then result in win xp starting up when you switch on your p/c. If instead you wanted Linux to start up - you just use the floppy disc.

  Young neil 19:53 16 Jun 2003

Thanks for the advice dth I will give that a try


  Umbra 21:14 16 Jun 2003


Can you advise me please.

I'm trying to install SuSE 8.1 Personal on my PC. I have a 40GB HDD with Win98SE installed, and want to use the slave HDD, 20GB, for SuSE.

I have successfully installed once, and used the floppy disk method that you advise....however when I use the boot disk, created from the SuSE Linux module on installation, I find it very laborious.
I shut down my PC. Then instert this SuSE boot floppy. Then installation of linux commences (I already have linux on my slave drive.) Then I'm asked to insert the Modules#1 floppy, then the CD#1 disk, and then I have to go through the palaver of changing my boot method, and my partitioning (discarding the suggestions and selecting my 2nd drive.)
Last evening I went from SuSE to Windows98 several times, and each time had to go through all this procedure. Mostly a new installation was started and then I got a message box telling me that Linux was installed and would I like to boot into the installed system. Replying yes got me into the SuSE Linux . Then last thing at night I used the automatic update function and found 2 updates.
This morning when I tried to start SuSE it would not load because it could not find the partition. Then, after extensive use of Partition Magic and Fdisk I discovered that the MBR of my 20GB Slave was corrupt, and I've had to delete the non-DOS partition and then create a DOS primary partion. I've gone no further for the moment.
SuSE on line support merely told me that I would have to do what I did already *sigh!*

Over to you friend.....am I using the wrong boot disk, in which case, why did SuSE create the wrong one for me? and how do I create a proper boot disk to get me into SuSE without all this run-around?

  dth 10:42 17 Jun 2003

It sounds like you have created an emergancy restore disc (like a start disc for Win 98) rather than a boot disc. That is why it is asking you about installing / repairing the Linux installation.

What you need is a simple boot disc. All this does is give you a start up screen when you switch you p/c on. You then choose whether to load Linux or Windows etc.

I assume that you have wiped the installation and are going to start again. When you start to install Linux - it comes up with a page showing the default configeration data to be used. When you get to this stage - click on the partition data and change the settings to your slave drive. Also alter the boot instruction settings from GRUB to a floppy disc.

Hope that this makes sense. Please post back if you need any further help.

  Umbra 13:12 17 Jun 2003

dth ,

Thank, you are correct.

I have fdisked my slave drive and created a DOS primary partition. So far I have not formatted that partition, thinking maybe to install SuSE that way rather than over a formatted partition.

What is worrying me is that during the installation I have opted for the "floppy" boot option and the disk that SuSE created for me was this installation floppy.

I will try again, (and again, and again if necessary) and see if I can create the correct boot floppy.

I can see years of fun ahead of me!!!!

Thanks again and I'll let you know how I get on in this post area or by email.


  dth 15:37 17 Jun 2003

Good luck. If you have any more problems please post back.

  Umbra 20:52 19 Jun 2003


Hmmmm. Well I'm not too pleased at all now.

With all the messing about booting into SuSE via the installation boot floppy, and having to insert the CDROM and the Modules1 floppy I then lost access to my second drive.

Windows and DOS could not see it. Nor could parition magic 7 assist get it back to life.

I have a local PC builder/repairer who eventually got my disk up and running again, and also managed to get this machine to boot to the CD ROM.

OK enough of that.....

I then have my primary hdd with Win98SE and the Secondary hdd fdisked and formatted ready to go again afresh.
I booted to the CDROM1 disk and started the installation.....selected everything ok except that I changed MODE to Boot Floppy and the partitioning to my second hard drive.
All went well and I was asked to insert a formatted floppy to create the boot disk (I have been here before, but what the H*ll !) I had a floppy prepared already....formatted from within windows by right clicking on the A:> drive in explorer. I went for a full format.
When I clicked OK SuSE, in a fraction of a second, informed me that GRUB had been written to the floppy successfully.

Now the installation procedure asks that the installation CD ROM be removed from the drive, but that the floppy with the boot loader on it remain in the FDD for the reboot.
(makes sense so far.)

System restarts, but halts with the message ".....invalid or non-system disk. Insert etc etc and press any key."

So now no option except to remove the floppy and continue loading into windows.
From windows everything sees my second hdd. No problem, and using Partition Magic it looks like SuSE partions (3) have been created on the secondary hard drive.

Except that the boot floppy is useless for the second time.

With all the problems I have contacted SuSE Support who have replied to my queries same day.

The best solution they have come up with so far is to reinstall and put boot loader onto the primary drive MBR. To my view, if SuSE installation has twice failed to create a bootable floppy then it will fail to write GRUB to the MBR correctly.......
I tremble to think of the consequences.......!!!!

So sorry about the long history, but have you any idea why the created floppy is regarded as a "non-system" disk.......did I format it incorrectly???.....did you do something that I've missed????.......Should I have a couple of virtual whiskys and start again.

Any advice welcome and will try EXCEPT mucking around with my primary HDD MBC.

btw...I'm not exactly computer illiterate, but I don't have a clue about linux, and not getting a chance to learn so far. :-)

Thanks for your help so far.

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