Operating System Reinstallation Problem

  ASTRoberts 10:18 12 Jan 2006

Hi :)
I wonder if someone could advise me please. I bought a new PC, networked it with my old Win95 PC (thanks to advice from mgmcc), transferred my wanted data from old Win95 PC to new PC, formatted old Win95 PC hard disk (C: drive) and then reinstalled Win95 with “system” floppy and “Win 95” CD. I then tried to re-establish my network, but the old Win95 PC has a temperamental CDRom drive and the Wizard could not copy the files needed from my Win95 CD. Anyway after messing around a bit I decided on a fresh start and formatted the old Win95 PC hard disk (C: drive) again, because on installation the Win95 CD was accessed and read without problems and I thought maybe I could copy the required files for the network setup from it then. However, this time after the “system” floppy reached “Starting Windows95 ...” instead of the Installation Wizard on the Win95 CD activating all that happened was the “mode” command ran twice and I was presented with the A:\ prompt.
A:\ mode con cp prepare=((850) ega.cpi)
MODE prepare code page function completed
A:\ mode con cp select=850
MODE select code page function completed
A:\ keyb uk, keyboard.sys
A:I tried entering D:\setup, but it said “Invalid Drive”. I have never done this before, but then I found a floppy called "TEAC CD-512E CD-ROM INSTALLATION DISK Ver 2.2", so I installed these drivers (I had to create \Dos directory on my C: drive and insert MSCDEX.EXE to do so), but still it said “Invalid Drive”. My question is although it could be that my CDRom drive has finally completely failed, there is still a “whirring” noise when I insert a CD, so I think it is probable that I have done something embarrassingly stupid and there is some embarrassingly obvious solution !!! :) Any advice would be most gratefully received.
Ty in advance for any suggestions

  recap 12:14 12 Jan 2006

I would clean the drive with a CD cleaning disc to see if this would help.

  mgmcc 12:59 12 Jan 2006

You could try booting with a Windows 98 "boot floppy", instead of the "95" one, as this has CD drivers included. You can download the .EXE file to create a Win 98 floppy from click here

When I boot with a Windows 95 boot floppy, I get exactly the same result as you - it cannot access "C" drive because (in my case) it is formatted as FAT32, not FAT (FAT16), and in the absence of CD drivers the CD drives are inaccessible.

A Windows 98 floppy shouldn't have a problem, although the hard drive will have to be formatted as FAT16. When booting with CD ROM support, the CD drive's letter will be displaced by one, so a "D" drive will temporarily become "E" drive to run the Setup.exe file on the CD.

  woodchip 14:58 12 Jan 2006

Win95 alway's had a Problem with CD Rom drivers I even had to fit a different drive once in a computer just to get 95 back on. then refitted the CD drive that windows then loaded a driver for in MSCDEX. As above try a Win98se OEM floppy from click here tenth file from top.

PS don't forget that after starting with the floppy the CD drive letter will not be D:\ it will be E:\ until you get Windows on

  ASTRoberts 15:33 12 Jan 2006

Tyvm for your advice recap, mgmcc and woodchip.
Apologies, I did not know much about FAT when I woke up this morning and I did not give accurate details. My old Win95 PC is from 1997 and I am almost certain it is Windows 95b that is OSR2 (OEM Service Release 2) and features FAT32. So that was good news. I have created and tried the Win98 "boot floppy" and it looked as if it was going to work, but then i get ...
< CDR101: Not ready reading drive E >
over and over again. I did try using "D", but as you say it is displaced by one letter to "E". It is looking a bit more like a hardware problem after all, so I will do as recap suggested and try a CD cleaning disc, then report back so that others know the outcome, but it maybe a few days.
I will also try the Win98 boot floppy again, just in case my CDRom drive responds.
Ty all again, the Win98 "boot floppy" advice will probably be needed when I get the CDRom drive working !!!

  woodchip 22:57 12 Jan 2006

It sounds like the CD Drive needs the correct drivers loading from a floppy disc before you load windows from CD. You could then use the Normall CD drive letter to load from. If no go fit a different drive just to get Windows on then try the old one back in after You only need to take the side of computer and have the drive in the bottom of case and put the cables on from the old CD drive. Check the jumper on the drive is set to Slave on the back edge of drive. You may also have to go into BIOS to detect the drive

  ASTRoberts 11:19 14 Jan 2006

Ty woodchip, if when my CD cleaning disc arrives it fails to solve the problem I will have to buy / borrow another CDRom drive and your advice on how to connect will be really useful. I will post the outcome, but it could be quite a few days.

  ASTRoberts 08:22 01 Feb 2006

Just in case there is anyone else on the planet who still needs to install Windows 95, using a Win98 boot floppy as mgmcc and woodchip suggested certainly helps get round the issue of no drivers for the CDRom drive. I tried Win98 boot floppies made from both their links and they did the job. The drive letter of the CDRom drive, as they say, is displaced from "D" to "E" because a virtual drive "D" is created on the hard disk or a new letter like "R" is assigned to the CDRom drive.
I bought a Hama CD laser lens cleaning disk which seems a good product and did get my CDRom drive to work long enough to enable me to install Win95 and re-establish my network, but now it has stopped working again :( However, one pleasant surprise is that I can "share" the CDRom drive of my XP PC with my networked Win95 PC and install other drivers etc. directly from it.
By the way, the speed of my Pentium 166MMX 96MB RAM Win95 PC is now awesome, relatively speaking !!!, compared to before its format and reinstallation of Win95.
Again tyvm for your advice recap, mgmcc and woodchip.
Problem solved :)

  woodchip 09:51 01 Feb 2006

Glad to see you had a good out come

  ASTRoberts 15:11 01 Feb 2006

Cheers :)

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