"operating system not found"

  Davy05 15:39 17 Jul 2005

whenever i turn on my laptop it says "operating system not found". Please help! i can't aford a repairman so i have to fix it myself.
so 1) whats wrong? 2)how do i fix it?
Please help as soon as you can. all i use the laptop for is music and to play championship manager! Help us out,cheers

  AndySD 15:48 17 Jul 2005

What Operating system is it normally eg Windows XP.

What is the make/model of the laptop?

  woodchip 15:53 17 Jul 2005

Can you start in Safe Mode Keep pressing F8 as computer starts then select from list

  Dae 16:46 17 Jul 2005

Have you been into the BIOS and checked that the drive with the operating system on it is listed as one of the drives that is searched for an operating system on boot-up?

When I had the problem that you have, it was because the order of searched drives had somehow automatically changed in the BIOS. I was told this was a very rare happening.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:34 17 Jul 2005

Take out the floppy disk if there is one in the drive;-))


  keith-236785 21:52 17 Jul 2005

good call GANDALF, thats normally the problem, that or a dead hard drive or loose hard drive cable (not on a laptop though).

other than that it could be the bios that has reset and is not finding the MBR (master boot record) of the hard drive.

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