Operating system language

  kimig 19:45 25 Sep 2003

Trying to help English friend with French version of windows 2000. Am I correct in thinking only new OS will take it into English?
If so, if I upgrade to XP (English) will it read the existing system parameters and install iteslf in French?
Or maybe I would be better to format the system and start again?
TIA for any help

  BarryKeith 20:11 25 Sep 2003

Chech u$oft website, you should find language files for all OS's.

  kimig 20:18 25 Sep 2003

Barry - address or link, please? Thanks

  bremner 20:24 25 Sep 2003


  kimig 20:27 25 Sep 2003

duh...! Sorry - thought it was somewhere exotic I'd never heard of. will go look. Ta

  woodchip 20:52 25 Sep 2003

As he got the regional Setting set to British English in Control Panel

  DieSse 22:55 25 Sep 2003

You can't actually change an operating system language, except by installing a copy of the OS in the new language.

  kimig 19:27 26 Sep 2003

DieSse - thanks - that's what I thought - I was clutching at straws to save my friend some pennies.
Now I know - thanks to all for help

  R4 19:35 26 Sep 2003

You could try the 'Multi Lanquage' features that allow more than one language to be used.

His system might already be a French feature as MS base language is US English

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