Operating System Can't be Found

  mcheathen 21:47 24 Jun 2008

Someone gave away an old PC - a Pentium 233mmx which was claimed to be running Windows 98. After going through the boot process and detecting everything a message appears on screen saying that 'Operating System can't be found'.

I can get into BIOS by pressing F2, but can't even get the C:\ dos prompt.

Does this PC require a start up disk? if so then where can I obtain one from?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:00 24 Jun 2008
  woodchip 22:30 24 Jun 2008

Have you tied tapping F8 as computer starts? if you can get the list choose Command Prompt only. then if it comes up type

SCANREG /RESTORE then press enter key, choose a old date

  lotvic 22:40 24 Jun 2008

as you can't get the C:\ prompt

First check that there is a harddrive in the pc. (open the case and have a look)
Next, does the bios recognise the harddrive? change the setting in bios to autodetect.

  T0SH 22:47 24 Jun 2008

Use a Windows 98 boot floppy to get to an A:\ prompt verify that C:\ Windows dir exists, if it does then typing sys C: at the A:\ prompt will make the C:\ drive bootable

further help here

click here

You can download and make Windows bootdisks from here
click here

Cheers HC

  mcheathen 09:33 25 Jun 2008

I eventually fouind out that the HD was missing, which explains a lot. Fortunately I have a spare one and hopefully one of the links posted by TDSH should provide a download for a 98 boot disk.
many thanks

  woodchip 17:50 25 Jun 2008

Boot disc is no good without the Operating System CD and key

  mcheathen 00:44 26 Jun 2008

Yes Woodchip I need an Operating System CD and key! Where can I get it from?

  lotvic 00:56 26 Jun 2008

If you are lucky there might be a product key sticker on the outside of the pc case. (if it hasn't been removed) in which case you will be able to borrow a CD to install with your key. (possession of key means the licence has been transferred to you as owner of pc)

  woodchip 13:08 26 Jun 2008
  woodchip 13:08 26 Jun 2008

They are hard to find

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