Opera v9 Beta 2 available

  dms05 12:19 23 May 2006

The new release is looking very good. Widgets are now appearing, take a look at the Touch The Sky weather widget. Full release click here

  john-232317 13:22 23 May 2006

Can I just download it over my other version ?

  dms05 13:56 23 May 2006

Yes you can download it and replace your previous version. v9 uses a different method for storing emails and your existing emails will be converted to the new method (but can't then be converted back). As always it makes sense to back up your emails before you do this (mine converted without any problems). The download is click here

Look in your current version of Opera under Help/About - it tells you where everything is stored. All your settings will be transferred.

  john-232317 14:02 23 May 2006

Cheers I will give it a try ;-)

  john-232317 14:31 23 May 2006

Yeh seems ok, apart from it being twice as big a program as my old version.

  J B 14:38 23 May 2006

I've been reading a lot about Opera lately, and was wondering if it is as straight forward as F/F or do you have to be a wizard to operate the thing. Also do you still use F/F or do you use both equally. J.B.

  john-232317 14:41 23 May 2006

If I can use it, anyone can ;-)
Never used F/F so cant cmment.

  john-232317 14:44 23 May 2006

Just noticed the little mouseover effects on the tabs.

  dms05 16:02 23 May 2006

J B - Opera is very easy to use. It has some nice feature and the introduction of Widgets is another one - they only work when Opera is running. Widgets are often little sub routines to specific web pages and they display and update independently, like BBC News headlines and Touch the Sky weather for any location you pick. Lots's available.

The email is fully integrated in the browser and displays as another tab. It also stores all emails on a database and you can display them in many ways - no more manually dragging emails to archive folders. To me that's the main advantage as I can look up a specific search term across all the emails. If I click on a contact then all emails to/from that contact are displayed as a list. But thats just my choice.

I also try Firefox/Thunderbird but always return to Opera.

  J B 20:16 23 May 2006

Well, downloaded a few hours ago and I must admit that it is a little strange. I do like the way that Opera loads and the way that it goes about things such as page rendering and the like. I will play with it for a while and see how I get on,but I won't give F/F the boot quite yet. J.B.

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