Opera Spell checker

  golfpro 10:01 25 Nov 2003

Is there a good spellchecker for Opera simmilar to the one for IE.

  Chegs ® 10:06 25 Nov 2003

Yes,its called "TinySpell"(I think)I have presently lost the link in a mass of Opera Bookmarks,when I find it I will post back.

  Chegs ® 10:07 25 Nov 2003
  Pesala 11:10 25 Nov 2003

I contacted the author, and no UK dictionary yet available. Tinyspell is fairly unobstrusive but I don't use it. I'm still looking for a better solution. Right-click any word in Opera and chose dictionary to look up at InfoPlease is pretty good, but I tend to use the Wordweb dictionary to look up words that I don't know or check spellings I am unsure of.

Who needs a spell-checker anyway? Posted earlier on this forum et.al.

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  Mike ® 11:52 25 Nov 2003

click here this although not free has uk english (downloadable) , and will work with Opera and most app's.
I use this in preference to Tiny Spell, worth a look for any Opera user.

  Djohn 12:05 25 Nov 2003

Your paragraph of misspelled words does prove your theory, I was halfway through reading it before I realised! ;o)

Question on Opera if I may? Do I download the with "Java" or the without version. This will be my first trial of Opera, just changed over to a new Broadband ISP this morning and using IE6 through win.XP Pro. SP1

Regards. j.

  Pesala 12:11 25 Nov 2003

Makes little difference then. Might as well download the with Java version and make sure you have the latest Java.

Opera 7.23 seems very stable. I had lots of problems with 7.20 crashing, but I cannot get 7.23 to crash whatever I do.

  Djohn 12:16 25 Nov 2003

Many thanks for your reply Pesala. I was with AOL broadband for the past four months, speed test always around the 340 to 384 nothing I or AOL tried would improve this.

Signed with "zen" this morning and speed test averaged over ten test, 484, so yes, in a way I have just joined the broadband brigade! ;o)

  Djohn 12:22 25 Nov 2003

My apologies for intruding on your thread, in my excitement, i have just realised my rudeness. j :o(

  Pesala 12:28 25 Nov 2003

$25 for a spell-checker. Cor blimey, for £15.90 you could have a full DTP program like Page Plus 9 which has built-in spell checker, grammar checker, etc., etc..

  Pesala 14:11 25 Nov 2003

Wordweb click here (5.2 Mb) Free Dictionary/Thesaurus

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