opera rocks!

  herc182 10:39 23 Jul 2005

I was reading pcadvisor the other day and they featured a review on Opera. i duely downloaded it and am using it over firefox and IE (in that order). i was an avid firefox user and downloaded opera thinking it would be an inferior product. but to my surprise it is superior in every way! fat browsing, mouse gestures, tabbed browsing, and handy little things like having the top ten sites you visit in the address bar etc.
and the free version has one banner at the topo which flashes for you to buy opera to get rid of it! i think i will live with it.

i fully recommend it to everyone who uses firefox or IE. an furthermore, as it states in PCA it can "pretend" its IE to ensure full compatibility with all web pages.

  octal 11:41 23 Jul 2005

It certainly does, I've got the paid for version. Having said that I've got seven browsers on my system and they are all different, so I can't say I've got a particular favourite, but I do use Opera mostly until it won't do what I want then I use one of the others.

  Ancient Learner 16:07 23 Jul 2005

I use Opera always, except for my main Bank which insists I use IE. Other Banks work fine with Opera, but the main one refuses even though I have it set to imitate IE, which I find very very annoying.

I put it down to the Australian influence - they have no soul I'm afraid - Imagine, the Yorkshire Bank having its customers sending its payments envelopes to the enemy, Lancashire, and having to use a call centre in a foreign country, Scotland - it doesn't bare thinking about.

  TonyV 16:11 23 Jul 2005

Having read this thread, I thought I would try Opera. Well, I can't do anything with it. It has not transferred anything from IE6, it will not allow me to go to my conventional home page, which is Bt.Yahoo.com and tells me I need to update IE from 5 or higher!! I have IE6 with all the bolt on bells and whistles. It will work if I type the addresses in but will not let me get to where I want to. It is a freebie, downloaded from the Opera site, so there is no help available. There is one real answer and that is to to stay with IE6 or Deepnet, which I find extremely good and very user friendly. Shame, but there it goes. I can't even use my spell checker in Opera! I have to download yet another one to get it operable.


  TonyV 16:15 23 Jul 2005

Another thing is that the layout of the PCAdvisor site in Opera is such a mess as to really take some understanding. In IE6, everything is neat and tidy, but in Opera it is all over the page with what seems to me to have half the stuff missing. Is there something I should be doing to set it up so that it works as intended?


  Ancient Learner 17:05 23 Jul 2005

If you click 'File', and then 'Import' you will be able to import your 'Favourites.

I agree that you have to download a Spellchecker.

My view of the PCA site is not at all messy! It has never been otherwise.

In Tools, Quick Preferences allows the identify as IE.

I have no difficulty getting to where I want to go.

  TonyV 17:35 23 Jul 2005

Mine is set as you say with the Identity as IE, but still I cannot get to my BT home page. I've managed to lessen the Text size and this has improved the overall appearance, but I would have thought that it should have been set from the start in a fashion that was at least acceptable rather than installing something that cannot be used properly with out major surgery!

The message that comes up when I try to get to my home page is: "To access the BT Yahoo! DSL portal you need to use Internet Explorer 5 or higher or Netscape Navigator 6.2 or higher." Then there are windows that give the option to upgrade via the Microsoft or Netscape sites. May be it means that I cannot use the BT site without IE in which case, Opera will have to sing for it!!


  ethelene 18:29 23 Jul 2005

Reading with interest, but not convinced.

I love firefox!

  TonyV 18:36 23 Jul 2005

Like you, neither am I. The mail system is a complete no-no!

I shall now un-install and stay with the Devil I know!!


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