Opera quirks

  Red Devil 10:41 17 Dec 2005

Hi all,

Has anyone else noticed some quirks with Opera when displaying websites?

I have recently set up a website - click here - and, when I access the page using IE, Firefox or Netscape, it appears as it should. When I use Opera, though, the heading on some pages will move slightly to the right. There's no reason for it to do so as the code for all the pages for the heading is exactly the same - I've checked and double checked - yet move it does.

I've also noticed on another website of mine - click here - that Opera will add an extra vertical "bar" of the main background image just to the right of this main background image but it shouldn't be doing that. I've checked the site in the other 3 browsers mentioned earlier and they don't do it.

Has anyone else been finding this with Opera?


  Eric10 12:36 17 Dec 2005

In your Sheppey Pirates website you have set a containing table for the main body content with a width of 80% - "<table width="80%" height="100%" border="1" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0">". You then go on to fix the width of the centre cell containing the image "pagetopcenter.gif" to be 628 which conflicts with the earlier statement. If you just remove 'width="628"' and leave the centre cell to find its own width then this particular problem will be resolved.

  Eric10 12:38 17 Dec 2005

Sorry, the border="1" is an addition I made to the code so that I could see what was happening. Your original code does of course read border="0".

  Red Devil 12:47 17 Dec 2005

No worries. The remocal of the width=628 bit has solved the problem with the Sheppey Pirates site.

What about the other site? Is the issue there something I've done or is it a true quirk of Opera.

I've searched and searched the code and can't find any difference.

  Eric10 13:25 17 Dec 2005

Red Devil, it's always the simple ones that cause the most head scratching. I was almost about to give in when I twigged what was happening. The pages where the heading moves have little or no content. The reason it's happening is because IE always leaves space for the scroll bar on the right while Opera and Firefox remove it when it isn't needed thereby giving more screen space and upsetting your layout. Once you have content on your pages the problem will resolve itself.

  Red Devil 13:28 17 Dec 2005

I did wonder if that was the case myself.

I'll be adding some content fairly soon and then that should "solve" it.

Cheers for the feedback.

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