Opera problems

  Coaster3 10:38 01 May 2003

Just recently Opera keeps sending the error message, 'Opera has encountered a problem and need to shut down.'

This is the latest version 7.10 I am also using the old version 6 mainly for email and don't have the problem with that version.

Any answers to the problem would be appreciated.

  -pops- 10:42 01 May 2003

I'm getting problems with OperaMail. Constantly getting a message "Sorry, this site is under maintenance". Been like this since Saturday. It only seems open about an hour a day, trouble is that they don't say which hour.


  Pesala 10:53 01 May 2003

Coaster3, it sounds like remove and reinstall is the best way to go. Have you tried this yet?

  fishy2 11:20 01 May 2003

Had same problem myself since I downloaded Opera 7.10.Crashes when attempting to move from home page.

  fishy2 11:27 01 May 2003

Has anybody tried this? Does it solve the problem?

  beeuuem 12:24 01 May 2003

I also have this problem and tried a reinstall which didn't seem to make a lot of difference. The crashes are infrequent, half a dozen one day, none the next. They don't appear to be related to any particular action -other than changing pages and there isn't much else you do in a browser!

As you can resume at the point where the crash occurred it is almost as if Opera expects this to happen.Even so, a solution would be appreciated as these things always happen at the most inconvenient time.

  broggs 13:33 01 May 2003

I got this message when I downloaded anything,as soon as the screen came up giving you the option what to do with the download I then pressed open/save to disk and this message came up.
Sorted it by uninstall/reinstall.
No problems since.

  fishy2 16:21 01 May 2003

Tried uninstall/reinstall still got the same problem. Has anybody solved this problem?

  Coaster3 19:21 01 May 2003

I've tried on two different site today to get a quote for car insurance. On both occasions I have had to resort to IE as I could not access the bottom of the page to gat at the 'next' button.

I think I'm going back to Opera 6!

  Coaster3 19:22 01 May 2003

Gave up on Opera mail last year. Now using Hotmail.

  Pesala 21:38 01 May 2003

On sites that lack scroll bars, use the arrow keys or page down to scroll the page.

Full screen mode (F11) may also help.

If popups are turned off, you may need to turn them on. Some sites like Opera to be identified as IE 6.0, others as Opera. Quick preferences are available from the F12 key.

The problem is that Opera 7 has just a few too many features, and is highly customisable. Don't be afraid to experiment, and have a good look at the preferences, Alter P, and Quick Preference F12. If you really get stuck, read the help file, or post a question on the Opera Forum click here

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