Opera problems

  Dannyb 16:34 23 Mar 2003

I have downloaded Opera 7 on my laptop running Windows XP Pro and cannot work out how to make Opera my default browser so that is signs in automatically when I open it, also, how do I make the Opera email my default email programme. Lastly, I tried to download a skin and cannot install it. They say right click on the main toolbar and select skins from the dropdown menu. I don't get a drop down menu. What have I done wrong?

  Phased 16:52 23 Mar 2003

You may have problems getting Opera to connect to the nety for you like IE does even if it is your Default browser (File/Preferences/Default Browser), I put a shortcut on my taskbar to connect. click here for version 7 skins, perhaps you tried to install a version 6 or early 7 skin. If you right click on the far righthand side of the top bar at the bottom you should see 'Get Skins'. I don't use the opera Mail client so I'm not sure about that.

  Phased 16:54 23 Mar 2003

nety..??? :-)

  Phased 16:58 23 Mar 2003

Lifted from Pera Knowledge Base, >>Opera cannot be set up to automatically dial up you Internet Service Provider, because the program hasn't been designed to be able to initiate a dialer as it's not got its own. Opera only communicates with Windows for a windows socket (winsock) request. You'll have to manually start your dialer and dial up, then start using Opera.<< click here

  beeuuem 17:13 23 Mar 2003

Go to File > preferences and look in Default browser to set Opera as your default. Look in
Preferences > E mail to set up the Opera mail account.

  Dannyb 21:12 23 Mar 2003

Still get nothing with the right click on the main toolbar.

  Dannyb 21:12 23 Mar 2003

Still get nothing with the right click on the main toolbar.

  beeuuem 21:30 23 Mar 2003

In Opera try File>Preferences >Browser Look then click 'help' tab at bottom right to find skins

  Phased 23:38 23 Mar 2003

Are you using the latest version of Opera 7.03...?

  Dannyb 10:38 24 Mar 2003


No I'm not. I think you might be right but I've tried to download the latest version now from mumerous different sites and each time I get asked for a password. Any idea how I can get the latest free version to download?

  Pesala 11:10 24 Mar 2003

I just downloaded the full installation for Opera 7.03 from Simtel, choosing the server in the Netherlands. I just clicked on the Free Download button on the Opera Home Page click here

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