Opera or IE6

  Old Shep 12:36 11 Mar 2004

Has anyone got Opera instead of IE6. Is it better as I have heard it is more secure. I see it is a big download 15meg and asks if you want Java or not. Don't really know what Java does. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

  Pesala 12:46 11 Mar 2004

You can run Opera without Java if you just want to try it out. Java is used by some websites. It is a kind of scripting language for doing fancy tricks. You will lose some functions if you don't have it installed, but will still be able to browse normally.

Opera has no security problems at all. If you browse heavily and have several pages open at once its multiple page tabs make it easy to switch pages. The interface is extremely customisable which also greatly speeds up browsing. If you don't flick back and forth much, you won't see any great improvement, apart from a prettier face. Opera has a wide choice of skins.

If you are short-sighted, you will see an enormous benefit, as Opera can zoom in and out with the + - numeric keys. Some web pages like this one have fixed font sizes.

  Old Shep 12:53 11 Mar 2004

Thanks - just found your previous thread on this topic your obviously taken with it. Is this still a Beta version or the real thing.

  Pesala 13:34 11 Mar 2004

7.23 is the latest Final Release. 7.50 is a beta or preview version. See my other thread for details

  Old Shep 14:00 11 Mar 2004

Thanks a lot have seen your other threads now.
Have just downloaded it so here goes!!!!

  stylehurst 14:05 11 Mar 2004

Whilst I agree with the above comments that Opera is better than IE6, do remember that if you want to update Windows OS system you will still need IE.
Also some sites won't work with Opera

  hawthorn59 14:37 11 Mar 2004

Is it possible to keep IE and Opera on your pc, and use whichever one you want?

How do you configure e-mail in Opera?


I notice you said Opera has no security problems at all....does this mean no ads, pop-ups, spyware etc? And does this mean that ALL these come about because of flaws in IE? If so, i find that amazing! And amazing that IE cant fix it!!!

  Old Shep 15:32 11 Mar 2004

Have now downloaded and installed opera and yes you can use either as I have. Dont know the answer to e.mail though.

  Pesala 16:03 11 Mar 2004

Yes, you can run them side by side at the same time, on the same page if you want.

Popup ads are not a security risk, just an annoyance. You can block unwanted popups or all popups in Opera. Wanted popups, means ones you click a link to open. Opera also offers good control of cookies.

The Phishing scam was a vulnerability in IE that was used to elicit banking details from people by setting up a spoof website. It took several months for Microsoft to plug that hole. Opera warns you if you are visiting such a spoofed web address.

Configuring email is not too difficult. You need to enter the details much as you do in Outlook express: user name, password, POP server SMTP server. I recommend leaving messages on the server.

Opera's email client M2 is a new generation of email client. Be sure to read the tutorial before using it. It does away with the need to organise your email into folders, but many OE users try to do that in Opera only to reap frustration. M2 works like a database. All your received mail is in the database, and you can have different filters or views of the same data.

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