Opera not keeping my password protected pages.

  Daibus 10:59 07 Jan 2006

This is the second time this has happened while using Opera, but after deleting a couple of insignificant looking threats after scanning with Spybot, I have to sign in everytime to access password protected pages like PCA and my.yahoo.com for example, whereas previously there was no problem.

I have tried to set and reset the Cookie settings and Wand settings from within Opera but I still have to sign in every time which is annoying.
What are the actual settings I should have within Opera to keep my sign in information?

Many thanks.

  Daibus 13:13 07 Jan 2006


  dms05 13:53 07 Jan 2006

Opera's handling of cookies

Platform: All platforms

Opera supports the exact same format for setting cookies as Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator. This means that Opera will be able to accept all cookies that work with these browsers. Cookies are stored in the file named cookies4.dat located in the user's Opera profile folder (on Linux known as .opera, on Macintosh called Opera Preferences). It is not possible to edit the file cookies4.dat by hand in order to remove unwanted cookies from your hard drive, but you can use Opera's server manager (go to Tools > Preferences > Advanced > Cookies, click "Manage cookies"). Windows users may also download the third-party tool Opera File Explorer to view their cookies.

  Daibus 14:15 07 Jan 2006

Thank you very much for your reply and I think that you hit the nail on the head.

When the two threats were shown in Spybot they did show Opera4 or Cookies4 I can't remember, but these are the two items I deleted from Spybot and since then have been unable to save my password pages.

I have been into Manage Cookies in Opera and altered all the settings but neither one will keep my settings now.

Would be very grateful if you could give me some info that would solve this annoying situation.

  dms05 14:27 07 Jan 2006

You might find something interesting click here but I can't offer any specific help.

Good luck!

  Daibus 14:52 07 Jan 2006

Many thanks again but the problem now solved - I suddenly clicked on "Reload from cache" via "Tools" and then the pages reloaded without me having to sign in again.


  dms05 14:53 07 Jan 2006

Perhaps if you find any of the files missing you could install new ones? Or simply reinstall Opera v8.5 - your previous settings should be copied over and any missing files reinstated click here

  dms05 14:55 07 Jan 2006

I'll remember for future use!

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