Opera & Netscape display website incorrectly

  Ben Avery 10:24 09 Dec 2003


Now my site is up and running and generating some traffic, I thought I'd ensure compatibility for Netscape and Opera users too.

I am, however, having some problems with the scrolling table layout on a few pages.

Netscape (Version 7.1) automatically adjusts itself to the size of the table without paying any attention to the fixed sizes I've got. You can see a screenshot example if you click here

Opera (Version 7.23) works on some pages but on others, it still adjusts the alignments slightly. For it works fine on this page click here but not on this page click here as you can see by the line at the bottom of the screen which should not be there.

On this page click here the browser seems to have got the inside of the scrolling table sized wrong as the scrollbars should be static due to the table being smaller. On netscape this page looks like this click here

Any ideas on how my source code can be arranged to allow viewers to see it correctly (like it does in IE6)?


  Taran 11:31 09 Dec 2003

First port of call should be the built in tools you have available to you.

I see that you are using Dreamweaver from your page source code. Open your web page in Dreamweaver then click on File, go down to Check Page then select Check Target Browsers. You can select from a list of previous version of IE, Netscape and Opera but oyu won't like what it tells you.

Netscape and Opera have some unusual ways of interpretting code and sometimes don't even copw with plain vanilla HTML tags properly. In fact, there is a list of code tags a mile long that Netscape either does not support at all, does not recognise or only partially copes with.

Welcome to the headaches of web design, where your creation falls to bits under scrutiny by any other browser than the majority share IE. This has been a major headache for as long as I can remember and you'll get a real scare if you start trying to rework your pages to fit allcomers in the browser world.

You can also nip some of your problems in the bud at design time by clicking on Edit, Preferences then select Validator and check the IE4 and Netscape boxes so that when you validate your code (File, Check Page, Validate Markup) any issues with the browsers you've chosen will be highlighted for you.

Try the Dreamweaver tools to begin with for some nudges in the right direction.

It will open your eyes at the very least.



  Ben Avery 12:25 09 Dec 2003


I've sorted in out in Netscape now & it all works fine!

To recify the Netscape problem I clicked on view source from within Netscape and saw the error there. For some unknown reason, when I uploaded the page, the text layout in the source code "moved" which meant that the line which should have read...

<div align="left" style="width: 580px; height: 380px; overflow: scroll; border: 0px;">

...changed to...

<div align="left" style="width: 580px; height: 380

px; overflow: scroll; border: 0px;">

...with the extra line break causing the code to function incorrectly. After several attempts at altering the code, I've managed to upload it as a single line instead of 2 lines and it now works.

Taran/FE - why does this happen? Is there a way to ensure it doesnt change on upload?


On this page click here the table is fine yet any other page with the same layout fails to load correctly?

Can't see any change in the source code myself.


  Ben Avery 12:29 09 Dec 2003

When I changed the layout table style to the following it worked in Opera too:

<div align="left" style="width: 580px; height: 365px; overflow: scroll; border: 0px;">

However, I don't want the large gap at the bottom which this leaves in the other browsers so I guess I'll have to just let the Opera viewers live with it (if indeed there are any!).

I do find it strange that it does work on that other page though???

Oh well, such is life I guess!


  PurplePenny 12:47 09 Dec 2003

There are a lot of us!


  Ben Avery 12:54 09 Dec 2003

Imeant those who would have reason to trawl my site!

I know there's plenty on here and such like but unless you happen to be of a certain religious disposition who wants assistance on certain areas of study, I doubt it'd be "up your street" so to speak!

How do you find it to navigate on opera though? Does the layout problem seem fixable to you as you obviously test your own site on it?


  PurplePenny 13:51 09 Dec 2003

The only thing that looked odd in Opera was a line across the bottom of each page - is that the problem that you mean? I didn't spot anything else - you might do because you are expecting it to look a certain way but to one who isn't expecting anything in particular it looks just fine - apart from that line!

My site does look *completely* different on every single browser but I don't get layout problems with it. That may be because I use mostly relative sizes (percentages for widths, large/medium/small for fonts etc.).


PS BTW I'm sooooo glad that you got rid of the crossed out link for the wedding plans - that upset me, looked too much as though the wedding had been called off.

PPS I bet there are some Witnesses using Opera .....

  Ben Avery 13:54 09 Dec 2003

Likely yes!

BTW - regarding the wedding plans, no need to feel upset - yesterday we booked our honeymoon and in a few hours, the dress should be ordered!

It all comes round quicker than you think it's going to!


  Ben Avery 13:58 09 Dec 2003

Yes, that line is the top of the bacgroung image (if you look carefully, you can see it below the navigation bar). The image is the precise size of the table and so you should not see this line.

I wanted the table size (the entire page table that is) to remain constant for the whole site, that was my reason for wanting the scrolling table in the first place. I feel that the readjusted table size due to the opera problem spoils the overall consistancy of the site IMHO and so if I can find a way to remove it, I will.

Netscape now works flawlessly on the other hand so that is a bonus!


  PurplePenny 14:24 09 Dec 2003

Just tried it in Mozilla - now I know how it is supposed to look! 'Fraid I don't have any answer :-( If no-one else comes up with an answer you could always post it on the Opera forum (I don't have the URL on the machine I'm using just now but if you want it I'll get it).


PS "It all comes round quicker than you think it's going to!" Oh yes!!

  Ben Avery 14:34 09 Dec 2003

Yeah if you could, I guess that's worth a try. Well, you've saved me trying it in Mozilla now - thanks! ;o)


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