Opera mini or mobile question please!

  gazmix 19:11 04 Mar 2013

So i hear that Opera is the best mobile browser as it supports javascript as i haven't been able to view any tubes/streams.

I go to m.opera.com & it detects that my phone is Sony Ericsson W995 & offers me a download! Not sure which one, mini or mobile!

I download it, then it says that the file is too big for my phone! & proceeds to delete my saved pictures & corrupts the other apps i downloaded!

Whats that all about please!

  gazmix 21:17 04 Mar 2013

Anyone please, i mean this is a help forum & i'm sure of the 29 viewers of this post, someone would have an idea! ?

Unless i'm not allowed, as i posted elsewhere once lol

  Woolwell 22:43 04 Mar 2013

You have an old phone with little internal memory which is why it says that the file is too big. You will need to add a memory card for photos, apps, etc.

  Woolwell 22:46 04 Mar 2013

According to the Opera site it will be Opera Mini.

  gazmix 13:31 05 Mar 2013

Yeh, when i go to m.opera.com it recognizes my phone & offers me a download & yet the download it offers me seems too big, even though its for that phone! Did you see it as version 7.1?

All i'm really after is javascript as my current phones browser doesn't support it & i can't watch film. Youtube works but not other clips!

Maybe there is a smaller javascript download?

  Woolwell 14:09 05 Mar 2013

There will not be a smaller download. Try adding a memory card. How much room do you have left in your internal memory? Have you loaded many apps, taken photos, etc?

  gazmix 15:02 05 Mar 2013

I've not transferred my photo's over from other phone yet, so there's about 3 on there. I've just downloaded the 1 facebook app!

There is 1914MB of card memory & 76MB of phone memory!

Thats what confused me, the mini version of Opera is only 700 or so KB isn't it!

  Woolwell 15:42 05 Mar 2013

The Opera download is quite small. But it is clearly having problems. I'm not familiar with the W995. But power it down (switch off completely), turn it on, browse to the mobile site for Opera and try again.

  gazmix 17:02 05 Mar 2013

ok, i will attempt this a little later when i am back in the city & have good internet phone connection.

when i tried it yesterday, internet kept crashing & restarting, although the issue i had was after it downloaded, it attempted to install & then it said 'operation failed'

does this browser support javascript?

nothing seems to play on default browser!

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