Opera Farce

  igk 15:56 05 Aug 2011

I thought I would try Opera again after a few years using Firefox,Downloaded and installed it and after a day or so found that for me it was a bit too complicated layout so I uninstalled and got rid of the bits that it left behind and now I have just seen that every image/photo on my computer now says TYPE:OPERA IMAGE when the mouse arrow is hovered over them !!! I have no idea what the hell that is all about !!

  ton 16:10 05 Aug 2011

Right click on one of the images and select the program you want to use to open the images.

  ton 16:25 05 Aug 2011

Sorry I should have said Right click on an image and choose 'open with',

then select the program you want to open the file.

  igk 16:43 05 Aug 2011

Ton, Thanks but I know what to do,There is no option in that drop down list that says Opera obviously, just my usual programmes to open/edit photos/images it is just so annoying that Opera has done this for some strange reason Iv'e just put this up on Opera's forum and there are a hell of a lot of complaints regarding faults with this once great software ( I used it all the time many years ago)

  Snrub 16:47 05 Aug 2011

Use Revo Uninstaller to get rid of bits.

  ton 17:11 05 Aug 2011

It's not a fault.

Most programs do this, or give you an option.

As long as you know how to change it, it's not a problem.

  Woolwell 18:09 05 Aug 2011

There are 2 threads about this. Both state how to reallocate the file extensions. Regrettably this is one of the snags with Opera. I recently uninstalled it too. No need to use Revo to restore the file allocation.

  Snrub 20:02 05 Aug 2011

Woolwell - so how do you restore the file allocation?

  Woolwell 21:17 05 Aug 2011

Snrub - It depends a bit on the OS but right click open with works with most.

In Vista and W7 then its under default programs and associate a file type and you can then scroll for the file extension and allocate the program that you want to open it with.

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