Opera Compatability (HTML Invalid)

  Charence 23:32 27 Mar 2005

I have just checked my new website in 3 different browsers, IE, Firefox and Opera. In Opera, the page is not displayed how I'd like it to be displayed.

W3 HTML validator identified some problems with the page which I'm not sure how to solve. I'm also not sure which DOCTYPE I should use.

click here for details from W3 validator.

I would like to know what I should be using when setting height and width for a table.

I have used table border="0" width=80% height=80%> which the validator informs me is incorrect.

Any help is much appreciated.


  PurplePenny 00:24 28 Mar 2005

Here's the W3C's article on Doctypes click here including a link to valid DTDs click here. You should probably use the one for HTML 4.01 Transitional.

It is only height that the validator doesn't like, I think that you can probably just get rid of it without altering the layout because the layout doesn't fill the screen anyway. The widths will be OK if you put quotes around them. Add an alt="QEHS badge" (for instance) to the image and escape the ampersand (&) in the "getfreebb.com" line (i.e. replace "&" with "&").

Add the DTD to the top then make those few amendments to your code and you'll be OK. Once you've done that try it again in Opera, if it still looks wrong come back to us.


  PurplePenny 00:26 28 Mar 2005

Sorry - forgot that the forum would convert the escaped ampersand back again!! Replace "&" with "& amp ;" (without the spaces).

  Charence 11:32 28 Mar 2005

It is now valid HTML. Hopefully it'll work in Opera! Thanks.


  Pesala 12:33 28 Mar 2005

I checked your page again this morning, and the validator still complains about invalid document type. I tried importing the page into NetObjects Fusion, but it still didn't work right.

Then I created my own table with three columns and five rows, and cut and pasted your text and graphics into it. The three middle rows are all fixed height, the top and bottom rows are full width.

The result now works fine in Opera as well as Internet Explorer:
click here

  PurplePenny 13:35 28 Mar 2005

Have you uploaded the new version yet? Pesala is right - it is still your old, invalid version at qehs. co. uk click here

  Charence 17:53 28 Mar 2005

i've just uploaded my new version!

  Pesala 19:10 28 Mar 2005

It still looks a mess in Opera.

  Charence 20:25 28 Mar 2005

you're right Pesala. hmmm I see your page works fine, I'll have a look at how you managed it and hopefully will get the problem sorted.

Many Thanks,


  Pesala 22:21 28 Mar 2005

Try using fixed row heights for the table.

  PurplePenny 22:42 28 Mar 2005

It will be back to not validating then: height is OK for TD (with a Transitional DTD) but not TR.

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