Opera browser and google search

  the old man 17:40 04 Apr 2006

Normally when i use google search and the results page comes up there are two boxes underneath the dialogue box where you can choose worldwide or u.k. only. I have resently had the upgrade to Opera and when i type in something in the google search this choice is no longer there. Is there a way that something can be configured where the choice is back or that I just use google to search Uk sites only.
current opera is as below

Version 8.53
Build 7722

  Coff 18:47 04 Apr 2006

You can do this by editing the search.ini file inside your Opera profile folder. In Opera go to Help, About Opera, to find out where your profile folder is. (Mine is C:\Program Files\Opera\profile.)

Close Opera and copy and paste the search.ini file to your desktop as a back up. Open the original search.ini file in Notepad. Under "Search Engine 1" change the reference from google.com to google.co.uk and click on File and then Save.

The line should read URL=click here

(There is a search.ini file directly in the Opera Program Files Folder i.e. not in the profile folder. This is not the one you want to edit.)

  The Spires 20:15 04 Apr 2006

Coff, thanks for that, done my Opera too. :-)

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