Opera 8.01 Final Released

  Pesala 15:16 16 Jun 2005

Download click here

Change Log click here

About Browser Javascript click here

  Ancient Learner 15:43 16 Jun 2005

Thank yo. I've now downloaded it. However before I install it, I remember the havoc that upgrading to 8.0 caused me by it loosing all my bookmarks and spell check, so I must try and remember where the file of bookmarks are kept. Unless some kind person can remind me that is! :))

  Ancient Learner 15:52 16 Jun 2005

Brain must be working this afternoon, I've found the Bookmarks OK

  Ancient Learner 16:04 16 Jun 2005

Now installed with no problems!

Seems a bit quicker.

  Pesala 18:12 27 Jun 2005

Opera Fans may find this *.ini file editor handy: click here and scroll down to the bottom of the page. The program is still in beta. Installed and worked first time for me. Easy to use. Click the Setup menu after installing to tell the program where to find opera6.ini so that it can locate your other files.

It also has a very useful backup feature to backup your email and profile into a single zip file — a much requested feature that ought to be built in to Opera by now.

  powerless 19:22 27 Jun 2005

it was released a week or so ago ;-)

But I am one of the 'converted' as I swicthed to Opera 8.0 upon it's release. And payed for it...no more ads.

I love the mouse gestures.

  Pesala 09:42 28 Jun 2005

Opera 8.01 was apparently released on 16th June, the date of this thread: click here

Opera Editor was first released on 9th June, but I noticed it only recently. The current Beta 0.92 has some bugs, which I reported in this thread: click here

I expect the bugs will get fixed soon enough.

Just for backup purposes, Opera Editor is worth having. I used to use a batch file, then I archived the backup directory, finally copying the archive to external media. This backups in one operation if you choose an external drive to save the backup to. I recommend emptying Opera’s cache before making the backup.

I already have items on my customized lite menu click here for editing menu.ini and toolbar.ini in notepad, but Opera Editor adds options for editing other configuration files.

  powerless 19:20 28 Jun 2005

You bumped it with your Mon, 27.06.05 | 18:12 post.

My bad.

  Pesala 22:50 06 Jul 2005

click here for the FTP download.

Note that this is a Technical Preview, not a final release. There may be bugs. Preview releases are intended to gauge user response to the changes.

What’s new in this release seems to be support for Bit Torrent. As far as I know, which is not a lot, this will help to improve downloading speeds.

I have downloaded and installed this preview. See the Opera Beta forum for discussion on this new release:

click here

  Pesala 23:09 06 Jul 2005
  powerless 19:50 07 Jul 2005

I won't download the TP but BT :-))

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