picklesy 07:57 30 Jul 2004

could someone please explain in simple terms what opera does,and would i be better off using this programe.sorry if this question seems stupid but i can,t get my head round what the advantages would be.thanks.

  Gongoozler 10:59 30 Jul 2004

Hi picklesy, the official line on Opera is here. click here. Many people love Opera, but you have to have the "Paid for" version is you want to avoid the advertising. There are many Opera users on this forum (I'm not among them), so if you keep this thread live, I'm sure one of them will spot it and give an opinion based on experience.

  plsndrs3 11:33 30 Jul 2004

I was usng Explorer for years then, via this forum, 'found' Opera. It quickly became my default browser - it is smoother, more adaptive to my needs and can be altered to do what I want, rather than what Mr G thinks I want. You can open multiple windows in a tab form and 'jump' from page to page, integrated Google search bar, integrated Winamp keys, bookmark pages you know you will want again, etc.

However, I have now moved on - again thanks to PCA - to Mozilla Firefox. I have not yet been able to fault this program - it does all the things that Opera does, is faster, has more plug ins and is free [ click here ]



  plsndrs3 11:34 30 Jul 2004

Integrated winamp is available on Firefox - not sure if it is on Opera.

At least this is free so you can try it out & see if you like it!

  TommyRed 11:43 30 Jul 2004

I also use Mozilla Firefox, I've just moved over to it in the last few days and though I haven't found all the features, I really like the tabbed browser concept. I was on Avant before which I thought was good, but this is a lot better. HTH TR

  €dstowe 12:45 30 Jul 2004

We have most browsers in use here for website testing but the one of choice for most of us now is Firefox. Bottom of the list in popularity is Netscape, quickly followed by Internet Explorer, although with I.E it is more because of security problems rather than performance.

  Gongoozler 13:06 30 Jul 2004

Thanks plsndrs3, TommyRed and €dstowe (and picklesy for initiating this thread). I have now installed Firefox and will report back in a day or two on how I get on with it.

  picklesy 06:09 31 Jul 2004

thanks everyone for your responses i will give both ago and see how i get on.again thanks.

  Gongoozler 21:50 01 Aug 2004

After 2 days of using Mozilla Firefox, I can report that installation was easy. I like some of the features, especially the tabbed windows. Some features I haven't yet found how to handle properly, such as sorting the Bookmarks (Favorites). Opening pages seems to be a bit slower than with Internet Explorer. I timed a few pages, and in each case IE was significantly faster. The security of Mozilla is said to be better, but I'm not able to confirm that. In all after only 2 days, I'm finding Mozilla friendly enough to keep working with it. After all I've been working with IE for quite a few years, so I think Mozilla deserves at least a few weeks before I can form a fair opinion.

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