In OpenOffice 3 is there any way that....

  TonyV 16:23 05 Dec 2008

in the Labels setup in Write, that I can delete some of the Types of labels? For instance, in my copy there are 2 "User" types and one that I have put in which is "3 x 7 Tony Custom". Is there any way I can delete one of the User type and the 3 x 7 one? I've looked for a Label Management system but haven't found anything as of now.



  TonyV 23:33 05 Dec 2008

I am told they can be removed by deleting the User Profile folder. Anyone any ideas where to find it? That note was given on the OpenOffice forum, but there was no way of finding out where it was.



  octal 07:10 06 Dec 2008

Have a look at this site click here does that help?

  TonyV 20:38 06 Dec 2008

I did as it said, still no difference. I also un-installed Open Office and removed what I thought were all the references to it in the registry, and then re-installed it. They are still there. I have no idea what to do now. Maybe it will be a restore the machine to a point before I created the wretched things.

What I am concerned about is how can they still be there when I deleted all the detritus after un-installing? As far as I was I aware, I thought I had taken all reference to OOo from the machine.



  TonyV 00:41 07 Dec 2008

To finish this off, I think I have cracked it.
I un-installed the programme again, deleted all the remaining files in Program Files and in the Docs & Settings folder relative to OOo, ran CCleaner, fixed everything, then re-installed OOo again. This time everything was as it should be.



  bretsky 10:49 07 Dec 2008

Thanks for letting us know the outcome, I use OpenOffice3 but not the labelling function and knew how to access the personal profile but was reluctant to advise you to delete that folder as it may have caused you other problems. Just to give you a little example, I deleted from program files a previous version folder(2.4.1)and then went to run the templates folder in writer and noticed that my "custom" templates folder had vanished, albeit only four of them in the folder, so I had to delve deep into the program via docs & settings\application data etc etc to find and reinstate them by opening them up one by one and saving them to template again. Could have been coincidence??

Still a great program and wouldn't be without it.

bretsky ;0)

  TonyV 12:26 07 Dec 2008

Before I cleaned the thing away, I copied all my personal templates to another folder away from OOo, then put them back when I had re-installed it all again. I am now back to where I wanted to be. I must confess, I am using it more now than MS Office. I can't be doing with the way Mr Microsoft scuppers the applications when they update/reissue the same application. My help files in Office still are not working properly even though I thought I had got them cleared, but MS does it through the back door!! (And scuppers it again. Even they don't know how to correct their problem.)



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