tighmor 22:29 13 Nov 2005

Anyone use - on this months disc?

Does it accept MS Office files?

Is it on a par with MS Office?

Looked for a review but have not found one?

  octal 22:45 13 Nov 2005

"Anyone use - on this months disc?"
No, but I use OpenOffice 2 anyway.

"Does it accept MS Office files?"

"Is it on a par with MS Office?"
I use it in preference to MS Office, I have both available on my machine.

  tighmor 22:57 13 Nov 2005

What is the difference with OpenOffice

Is it also free?

  sharkfin 23:44 13 Nov 2005

No, openoffice 2 is openoffice. If its on this months disk then it should the the lastest.

  Belatucadrus 00:27 14 Nov 2005

OpenOffice 2 is the latest version, though you can still download its predecessors if you want click here , indeed for older machines, 1.1 may be preferable as it has somewhat lower system requirements. For newer machines 2.0 however is extremely good.
If you want you can even set it to work in Microsoft office formats as a default setting, open the program and chose :- Tools/Options, then Load/Save General where you can select a default save format of your choice.

  Simsy 09:42 14 Nov 2005

when comparing it with MS Office, is the lack of VBA for macros.

Though Macros can be written in OpenOffice they are not compatible with MSOffice macros.

If you don't use macros then OpenOffice scores very very highly, in my humble opinion.



  interzone55 09:57 14 Nov 2005

OpenOffice is a very good office suite which is preferable to Microsoft Office in many ways.

1) It's totally free, that's free as in cost, and free as in you can download the source code & alter it to your requirements if you wish.

2) It has lower system requirements, and most of Office 2003 bloat is missing. ~80Mb download compared to the 500Mb that make up Office 2003.

3) You can open and work with most Office 2003 files.

Bad points
1) Any VBA macros you have probably won't work.

2) Not all Office 2003 files open properly, I have a problem with a lengthy word document where the pictures disappear if I open it in Word after I've edited it in OpenOffice.

3) The Database will not open any of my Access files even though it does advertise access compatibility.

Full review in Jan 06 copy of PC Pro

  tighmor 22:24 15 Nov 2005

Like the pdf option - very useful.

Access files transfer OK as far as tables are concerned but forms queries and reports do not seem to?

This months disc says version is 1.9 but opens as 2 Beta - is this the most recent?

  octal 22:26 15 Nov 2005

You can download the most recent version from here click here

  tighmor 19:47 21 Nov 2005

Thanks to all for your input.

Is there a reference book for the program?

  mole44 20:03 21 Nov 2005

try F1,in any progran you can call up help files using that key

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