Opening web pages full screen

  Yimbo 12:20 28 Apr 2014

How do I get web pages to open at full screen? Recently, they have started to open at about A5 size. I've tried stretching the page, but that only works till the next time I use the page. Similarly, clicking the full screen button (top right) OK while I'm on the page, but not thereafter.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:55 28 Apr 2014
  1. Open IE on a web page, right click any link and select Open in a New Window.

  2. Close the first IE window you opened.


  3. In the second window and drag corners to fill the screen.

  4. Holding the Ctrl button depressed, use Close in the File menu to close IE.

  5. Recheck all IE windows should now open full screen.

  Yimbo 14:38 28 Apr 2014

Not for the first time - thank you FruitBat/\0/.

Pages now all opening at fullscreen!

  martd7 15:04 28 Apr 2014

Same problem ive been having recently but it seems to have sorted itself out

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