Opening a specific port for my LAN

  Gaz W 21:04 01 Dec 2004

On my Windows 2000 server I need to open port 389 (here's why: click here). TCP/IP filtering was already disabled, so I downloaded a port scanner and saw that port 389 was closed on my server ( How can I open it?

The server is running ZoneAlarm free edition (which isn't designed to run on servers anyway, and it states that every time I install the update). ZoneAlarm is OK, but it doesn't seem to allow me to open ports.

Would I be able to put in the trusted zone or is it more complicated than that?

Thanks in advance,


  qidas 21:23 01 Dec 2004

You should not be running zone alarm on win2k server anyway. Uninstall zonealarm and then you will see that everything works fine.

  Gaz W 21:57 01 Dec 2004

I know I shouldn't, but it's currently my only firewall. If I uninstall it I'm in trouble!

I would get the full ZoneAlarm if I thought it would allow me to do what I want, and it does seem to do, but I'm not going to pay for it if it keeps telling me it's not meant for servers.

What am I supposed to do for a firewall on W2K server? Everything seems expensive for what you get!

  Gaz W 23:42 01 Dec 2004

Any ideas?

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