Opening saved firefox files - not working

  khek 15:55 13 Oct 2008

I have saved firefox files with .htm or .html extensions. Until yesterday, they opened as a a new tab in firefox, looking exactly the same as they did as webpages when I saved them.

Over the weekend I had to do a system restore, and suddenly, those firefox files are opening as a single block of text with no returns or paragraphs, no background or photos.

Web pages I save now come up the same as they always did, so it must have something to do with the system restore. (which also caused some problems with McAfee.)

Both old and new files are definitely opening with firefox, and in the properties box, documents that open correctly and those that open incorrectly look exactly alike.

I do think that, under the save options (which now has "save page") there used to be a "save as webpage"...but if so, that's gone. Would that make a difference? Or is it something else?


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