Opening port on ZoneAlarm for Dreamweaver MX?

  Roadgiant 08:08 25 Dec 2003

After several frustrating hours of trying to upload and download some files from my NTL webspace,(which I have not used for several months)in frustration I turned off ZoneAlarm Pro and was able to acces my webspace.
I then looked around Dreamweaver MX and under edit and under edit sites remote info found a tick box with "use firewall" which I then ticked beside that is a box with firewall settings which when opened has firewall port 21 mentioned.
How do I configure ZoneAlarm to allow me to access my webspace (without turning it off)?
I had a look on the ZA forums and found:-

"How do I open ports for a program? In the Program listings, click on the program's name, then click on the Options button. You have the choice to allow the program access to all ports, only to specific ports, or to all ports EXCEPT specific ports. For the specific required ports to open, you should check with the software manufacturer."

On following the above in program control
selecting Options the only choices are :-
Advanced Program Control/Outbound E-mail/Filter Options/Authentication

No mention of opening specific ports (if that is what I have to do?)
I hope I have given enough info (if not too much!!)
Any help in enableing me to access my webspace without turning off ZA would be appreciated.Thanks in advance and Merry Xmas RG

  howard60 08:35 25 Dec 2003

certain options are not available in free zone alarm only in zone alarm pro. I normally set the firewall zones to medium and trusted to low. Look in programs and see if your prog is listed - if it is see if it has a tick or a question mark if the latter click on it and then on allow.

  Roadgiant 08:40 25 Dec 2003

Thanks for the reply but the version of Zone alarm I have is the Pro version, and I have allready placed a tick against the program in the list.

  Roadgiant 07:03 27 Dec 2003

For future reference if anyone else has the same problem, it was just a matter of changing the internet security setting on ZA from High to Medium.

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