opening a port to aloow a program to work

  woofwoofbark 05:00 10 Feb 2006

Hi I have just bought a US Robotics router with built in modem , I was using a p2p program called DC++ with a BT Voyager ADSL USB Modem windows wouldnt shutdown (i had to manually turn of the pc) when using the bt modem and DC , but with the US Robotics USR9003 windows closes no problem , but ... How do I open a port and which IP addy to I insert to the router for DC ? I have a dynamic IP that changes everytime windows is rebooted ..... I know that to add a port (i think this is the way to do it) i goto Firewall>NAT>Port Range Mappings

I can add a details i.e.:-

Public Address: ppp0 0/38
Public Port From:
Public Port To:
LocaL Address:
Local Port From :
Local Port To:
Protocol : TCP

do I add the same port number for each Public Port and Local Port , but what is my Local Address and where can I find it ? I have to re-add the above details but change TCP for UDP ?

Im sorry if I havnt explained too good , firstly i have no or little knowledge of comps plus im heading to bed soon ( tired lol )

Hope someone can understand this and can help , Ive checked the net for guidance but have come unstuck

  woofwoofbark 14:42 10 Feb 2006


  Hertz Van Rentyl 15:03 10 Feb 2006

I do not know about configuring modem ports etc. I always thought you installed a software firewall on your comp and it decided what it allows with your permission.

  Snec 19:45 10 Feb 2006

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