Opening Pictures on the Web

  zootboy 17:23 23 Dec 2003

Some e-mails that I receive have large boxes with a small red cross usually in the top right hand corner, which I think are links to pictures.

When I left click on them however, nothing happens.

When I right click, a drop down menue appears with an option to 'Open Picture'.

When I select this option, again nothing happens.

Am I correct in assuming they should open pictures ?

How can I open them ?

I use Internet Explorer 6



  hugh-265156 19:07 23 Dec 2003

in internet explorer click tools/internet options/advanced

scroll down and tick the boxes

"show pictures"

"play animations in web pages

"play videos in webpages"

  MAJ 19:09 23 Dec 2003

Do you know the sender of these emails, zootboy? If not, delete them, you could end up with a virus.

  hugh-265156 19:20 23 Dec 2003

email sorry

are you viewing email in plain text?

click tools/options/read untick "view all in plain text"

may also be the senders fault.

as above if you dont know who its from do not open the message at all is safest bet.

  zootboy 10:30 24 Dec 2003

Thanks for your response to my posting.

On checking, I found that Show Pictures/Play Animations in Web Pages/Play Videos were already ticked.

Re the second response - 'click tools/internet options/read & untick "view all in plain text"

Could not find that entry ?



  Sheila-214876 11:03 24 Dec 2003

Something similar to this was posted a few weeks ago. The answer was: the picture attachment was sent as an uncompressed file and as it was over 2mb in size was blocked by the ISP. The sender was asked to resend it as a .jpg compressed to below 500kb and was subsequently received OK. Worth at try?

  hugh-265156 12:40 24 Dec 2003

sorry my fingers got carried away.

its tools/options/read untick "read in plain text"

in outlook express.

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