Opening Packard Bell Case & Removing Hard Drive

  Stuart-84 13:26 10 Mar 2018

I have a Packard Bell iMedia S3840 and I’m having a little trouble trying to open up the case in order to remove the hard drive. The left hand panel is held by two screws and is easily removed, whilst the front case is held by three plastic clasps and again easily slides off. But the right hand panel has no screws and, unless I’m missing something, no obvious means of removal (and I’m hesitant to play around with it too much until I know exactly what I’m doing). Yet the hard drive seems to be held by screws on both sides, presumably - I’ve removed the two on the left side, but it’s still held in there.

I’ve tried searching around online for the manual (including on Packard Bell’s own website) or for any explanations or videos, but not had any luck. So does anyone know how this is done? Either how to remove the right hand panel or, if that’s not possible/necessary, how to remove the hard drive from the left side only?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:13 10 Mar 2018

click here this video at about 1min 30 shows just two screws being removed from th left hand side.

  Stuart-84 17:34 10 Mar 2018

Thanks for the response, but the model in that video is rather different from mine (looks to be a much older machine - mine is only five years old). Mine definitely doesn’t have those screws on the right hand panel, and it does seem to have two screws on each side for the hard drive. If anyone else is familiar with this model, or one like it, any help would be much appreciated.

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