Opening my documents

  Daiol 08:41 30 Oct 2010

Can someone please assist me every time I click to open my documents from start it takes a second to open as per image there is a delay with a black screen,
Running windows xp pro fully updated xp3 etc.
Thanks daiol
[IMG]click here[/IMG]

  onthelimit 09:36 30 Oct 2010

I would suggest your PC needs a good clear out, virus/malware check and a possible upgrade of RAM. If you needs guidance on these, let us know.

  gengiscant 09:47 30 Oct 2010

Very moody desktop,I like it.Go with'onthelimit', have a bit of a clear out and you could post your PC specs, as he says some more Ram might be needed.

  Daiol 10:51 30 Oct 2010

Done malwarebytes,Spybot,Superantispyware,Ccleaner.IE options and did clean out,
500gb hdd, with total my documents 120gb,3g ram.
Any further help please,Also run a dic check this morning.

  BRYNIT 11:11 30 Oct 2010

Could be overheating graphic card. Check inside case to make sure fans etc are working and clear of dust.

Could be corrupt or out dated video drivers, check for updates.

Could be conflicting programs difficult to solve.

Try a clean install this will eliminate old/corrupt drives and possible conflicting programs.

Could be the computer is getting old, parts do fail with age.

  Daiol 11:17 30 Oct 2010

The pc is new build last feb,Will check all other options.
Will get back to you.Thanks.

  lotvic 11:26 30 Oct 2010

Have you Defragged the HDD?

  Daiol 11:31 30 Oct 2010

Thanks for reply,Can you reccomend a good defrag or would the windows one be okay?.

  BRYNIT 11:54 30 Oct 2010

Just a thought have you scanned the hard drive for bad sectors. If the information is being written or read from a bad sector it can slow things down.

  gengiscant 11:58 30 Oct 2010

Just because it was built last Feb doesn't it cannot go wrong.I have just had to replace a mobo on a PC built in Jan.Also had problems with ram compatibility which did not really surface until recently.

  Daiol 12:00 30 Oct 2010

run a dic check this morning.

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