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  StevieB77 13:56 20 Sep 2003

I have a MS Access 97 database that is used by a lot of people on a network. The problem is there are a few people that have Access 2000 on the computer and if someone is already in the database they cant open it on their computer. Does any one know if there is a way around this?

When you say it is used by a lot of people on a network, do you mean they all access it individually ie. one at a time or can it be accessed by multiple users at the moment? Or is it just the Access 2000 users that cant access it? If you can give me some more info I can tell you how to get round it.

  StevieB77 18:56 20 Sep 2003

It's accessed by multiple users at the same time. Access 97 users have no problem opening it when someone is already using it but 2000 user can only open it when nobody else has it open.

When a 2000 user tries to open it do you get a specific error message?

  StevieB77 20:31 22 Sep 2003

Is any body else aware of this type of problem or is it just a one off?

It is to do with the file locking methods used by the different versions. What error message does the Access 2000 user get when trying to open the 97 database? Did you convert the front end (.mde)into Access 2000 or are you running the 97 verions on the 2000 machines? Its not all lost just yet!!

  StevieB77 19:32 23 Sep 2003

I'll check tomorrow exactly what message appears but I think it generally says the database want open because it is being used by another user.

'Convert the front end'- is that different from converting the whole database?

As far as I know I can't convert it to access 2000 because that would mean that the 97 user couldn't open it, it would be just swapping one problem for another.

If you email me off-list at [email protected] I will explain what I mean. There is a distinct process needs to be done in order for different versions of Access to use a database across a number of users. It is fairly straightforward, but it needs a bit of explaining. It is possible to have both an Access 97 version and Access 2000 version. Have done it myself and it works.

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