Opening LWP file with MS word

  GZ. 20:10 28 Apr 2004

I have an important document on my computer that was created using Lotus Word Pro Millenium. Due to not liking it I uninstalled Lotus and have given it away with a laptop I recently sold on Ebay.

Now I need the document and MS Word cant open it. It can be opened using wordpad but its got loads of weird symbols in the way. It says its a "LWP File".

Can anyone tell me how to open it or if there is a way of getting a freeware copy of lotus?

  pj123 22:21 28 Apr 2004

Just open it in Wordpad and save it as an RTF file. Now open it in word and delete all the weird symbols and you should be left with the main text. It may not be formatted as it was originally but if it is as important as you say it shouldn't take long to reformat it as you would like.

  GZ. 08:32 03 May 2004

I managed to get a copy of lotus 97, however it still wouldnt recognise the file, possibly due to the file originally being created with Lotus ME.

I ended up using your method to sort it out and although it took a couple of hours it worked a treat cheers!!

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