Opening files etc: in full screen

  Sapins 12:57 05 Jan 2004

I have XP Home and would like files/folder etc; to open in full screen instead of having to click on maximise each time. Can I do this?

  bamfiesler 13:16 05 Jan 2004

try going to My Computer - Tools - Folder Options, then click on the View tag. Scroll down until you some to a box saying 'Remember each folders view settings'. I'm sure this will help if you have a given folder open fully at the time. You can then apply globally.

Having max/min is handy, though!

  Goringboy 13:56 05 Jan 2004

Open the file(s) then stretch the corner to the limit of the screen. Your computer should remember this and open in full screen next time.

  Sapins 16:07 05 Jan 2004

Thanks for your help bamfiesler and Goringboy,

what I'm really after is being able to have threads on this forum open in full screen as I click on them or open them in a new window. Now they just open in about half screen and I have to click on the maximise button, I know it's not much to do but I get a little lazy at times :-)

Thanks again both of you,



  Big Elf 16:17 05 Jan 2004

I know you can do this from an icon on the desktop or quick launch bar. Right click the icon and select Properties, Click the Shortcut tab and select Maximised in the Run box. This might also work for programs on the start menu but as I'm at work using a locked down PC I can't check it.

  Big Elf 16:19 05 Jan 2004

Oh I see what you mean. Do as suggested and drag the window to fill the screen then hold down 'Ctrl' and close the window using the x in the top right hand bit of the window.

  Sapins 16:29 05 Jan 2004

Thanks Big Elf,

Trouble is I might only look at a thread the one time so It's longer to drag the screen etc:

Never mind, whats in a "Click" eh?

  Big Elf 18:02 05 Jan 2004

No, you only have to do it the once. After that it 'remembers' the setting.

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