opening emails with Lycos

  GG22 16:54 16 Feb 2006

I have recently opened a Lycos freebie email account, previously had Hotmail for a number of years.
My question is - does anyone else use Lycos, and if so do they find that the opening of a new or stored email takes nearly a whole lifetime?

I have no problems with anything else. My computer is certainly not overloaded and therefore getting slow. I've only been with Lycos a couple of weeks and I'm getting impatient with it.

Oh, one other thing - is Lycos and Yahoo compatable, a friend who is with Yahoo cannot seem to make contact with me.
Many Thanks.

  rmcqua 16:59 16 Feb 2006

I don't know anyone who uses Lycos e-mail. Didn't even know they offered it.

  chelseafan 17:08 16 Feb 2006

I have a lycos account and often find it very slow; sometimes it doesn't want to work at all. Is it something to do with a security package you have installed? I have McAffe (spelt?) Internet Security Suite installed and for some reason i can't read emails (they open as normal but without text) when the "privacy service" is enabled.

  Jak_1 17:11 16 Feb 2006

Try this one:

click here

fast,free and secure.

  rmcqua 21:51 16 Feb 2006

If GG22 and chelseafan's experiences are typical, maybe it's not surprising that there are not too many Lycos e-mail users around?

  octal 22:12 16 Feb 2006

I've got three Lycos accounts, including a LycosMax account and they all work fine, apart from it being down a couple of times, I've had them for about seven years.

  tye 22:15 16 Feb 2006

I've had a Lycos free email account for about 4 or 5 years now, & find it great. Only once in all this time could I not reach their website. I originally created the address with 'mailcity', which was bought by Lycos, but still let me use mailcity in my email address. I have 56k dialup & set cookies to prompt, so that takes time, but Lycos seems to be fine. -T

  GG22 15:39 17 Feb 2006

Thank you for all your advice, it's been most helpful.
Perhaps I need to be a little more patient:-)

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