Opening E Mail Attachments

  GeeKay+Dee 11:25 19 Feb 2007


I'm hoping that someone can assist me with a problem I'm experiencing. I asked the question in the helproom, but got no replies, so I'm trying my luck here!

Whenever I open an e mail attachment in my NTL account, whether it is a mpeg, wmv or pps, I keep getting the following error message -

"Windows Media Player cannot find the file. If you are trying to play, burn, or sync an item that is in your library, the item might point to a file that has been moved, renamed, or deleted"

I find that I have to save the attachment and then open it. Anyone know how I can adress this? The same problem doesn't exist with my hotmail account.

  juniorsplat 11:46 19 Feb 2007

Can't see why it doesn't work.
Does it bother you a lot?

  silverous 14:14 19 Feb 2007

What's the point of that post splat? You can't help and it is obviously bothering them enough to post!

Sounds like wherever the attachment is temporarily stored for opening, media player can't find it.

Had a quick search around and couldn't find a solution, how about downloading and installing the latest verson of Media Player (v. 11) to see if that sorts? Bit of a long shot but just might work.

click here=

  uesquebeathus 15:10 19 Feb 2007

it could be that your antivirus could be holding attachments as insecure/dangerous and therefore puts them into the AV protected folder/vault/chest or whatever it calls its secure file.

  Enoch 15:13 19 Feb 2007

It certainly seems that your protection (either firewall or virus checker could be deleting the attachment as a possible problem. Your security could be too high, reduce it, but be carefull.

  terryf 16:11 19 Feb 2007

Have you tried control panel>folders options>file types and scroll down to the file type(s) you are having probs and check which program is associated with the file type(s). You can change this to media player if it isn't already

  Watchful 18:52 19 Feb 2007

Once you have saved and opened the attachment, right-click it and choose 'save as' WMP or browse to another prog. in the list and tick the box that says 'always save this type of prog. to this etc' and next time they should open in that prog.

  GeeKay+Dee 10:56 20 Feb 2007

terryf - everything seems ok there. Thanks

Watchful - Will try this option.

Cheers everyone!

  silverous 11:08 20 Feb 2007

I still thing re-installing windows media will solve. What's the point in saving as - surely the idea is to get attachments opening from email client.

  Watchful 14:01 20 Feb 2007

The point is that once you've changed the file association then the next time you receive one it should open in the correct way.

  recap 14:15 20 Feb 2007

This may be a strange questions but, are these accounts web based or are you using a third party email program like Outlook Express?

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