opening documents printer issues

  lloydie1 14:19 28 Dec 2017

hi, am using windows 7 home premium & of late when i go to print an attachment it makes me save the file which i haven't had to do previously, so how do i stop that. also from an email attachment i click to open it & always goes to windows when many docs are pdf, so how do i set it to open any type of docs. thanks lloydie1

  lloydie1 14:29 28 Dec 2017

whoops should have ticked the email update

  lloydie1 15:59 30 Dec 2017

hi rdave thanks for the reply, don't know how to check this suggestion to configure it as advised. am using adobe reader thanks lloydie1

  lloydie1 11:00 31 Dec 2017

hi rdave thanks for the link lloydie1

  msofficesupport 12:05 02 Jan 2018

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  Menzie 12:57 02 Jan 2018

Spam post above - FE notified.

  lloydie1 13:04 02 Jan 2018

hi menzie i had thought that was odd....lucky i didn't use it. what an odd world we live in lloydie

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