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OpenGL and Direct 3D on ATI Graphic card

  anniesboy68 15:53 20 Dec 2003

Would some kind soul please explain what these terms mean and what they do as I have no documentation with my card as it was supplied as a bundle. Thanks

  anniesboy68 16:02 20 Dec 2003

Thanks, I should have mentioned I have them both up full for use with Flight Sim 2004. I see no difference with them turd up or to default!

  anniesboy68 16:04 20 Dec 2003

That should be "turned" of course

  anniesboy68 16:45 20 Dec 2003


  anniesboy68 17:06 20 Dec 2003

Direct 3D......
Anti Aliasing..... up full to 6x
Anistopic Filtering up full to 16x
Texture Preference High Quality
Mitmap Detail Level High Quality
Wait for vertical Sync Always on

Open GL was the same but I have gone back to default on that one re your comment about only use one. To be quite honest I have no idea what they all mean!

  hugh-265156 17:13 20 Dec 2003

most new games all use direct3d some older titles use opengl and some games give you the option to use either.both do the same thing ie/display the graphics.

what make/model of graphics card do you have?

enabling and bumping up all the advanced features on slower buget cards will slow down your game performance usually.

on faster cards enabling anisotropic filtering and antialising will improve the quality ie/jagged edges and detail and you wont notice the slow down so much.

remember to set up your display in the game options menu also.try and get a balance between quality of display and smooth running.

  anniesboy68 18:06 20 Dec 2003

Huggyg71..... The card is an Medion ATI 9800XL {made for the German computer mfgr MEDION]. I do note that no mention of Catylist drivers are mentioned in the properties/advanced section etc etc. However, the Flight sim runs ok with good frame rates of 25 upwards. Some information has been posted in this posting which I will read and digest.

  hugh-265156 18:16 20 Dec 2003

get your cats. from click here work with all built and powered by cards.v3.10 is latest.

9800 cards should let you bump things up a bit with mimimum performance above set also in each of your games own set up options.

  anniesboy68 11:09 21 Dec 2003

OK all thanks for infomation etc. Will mark this as resolved

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