Open Windows ME Explorer

  dfm 11:08 13 Jun 2003

Explorer opens showing 'my documents'. I would like to change this so it opens showing Local Disk C. Please advise

  Taff36 14:38 13 Jun 2003

Try this shortcut - WINDOWS KEY + "E"
That is the windows key next to the left hand CTRL key pressed at the same time as the letter E key. You will get Explorer opening as MY COMPUTER but the C drive is immediately accessible with one click - any better?

  dth 15:03 13 Jun 2003

to change the explorer view / open explorer / then select file / properties and change to C:

  Pesala 16:10 13 Jun 2003

Nice tip dth.

You can set up two or three different shortcuts to Windows Explorer on the taskbar and assign different icons to them. Just copy an existing shortcut, and edit the properties to change the Target and icon. In the Target Field you put something like this:

C:\WINDOWS\EXPLORER.EXE "C:\My Documents\", /e will open Windows Explorer at My Documents. Another one could open at C:

The /e switch opens the folders pane on the left.

This tip is especially handy if a favourite folder is deeply buried in the directory structure.

  Pesala 12:50 14 Jun 2003

I respond on the forum, as it may be useful to others.

If you select the shortcut on the desktop and choose "Copy" from the right-click menu, or just press Control C, this will copy it to the clipboard. If you then select Paste, or Paste Shortcut it will make a copy on the Desktop. As you discovered, you can also choose Create Shortcut to do it in one step.

If you are getting an error message that the target is not found when you type:

C:\WINDOWS\EXPLORER.EXE "C:\My Documents\", /e

you could just be making a typing error. Just missing the quote or comma is enough. Copy and paste the text from the forum. The other possibility is that Windows is not installed on Drive C: on your computer, but on drive D:

No doubt, others will correct me if I have missed something. I use Windows ME, but I think this still applies if you are using XP or Windows 2000.

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