Open (Star) office/MS office compatability

  dagbladet 10:13 09 Oct 2003

Having only 220 mb remaining on my 1 gig hd, I utilised the "minimal" installation of Open (AKA Star) Office from a cover disk. The installation went fine and the program seems to work very well. What i'm keen to explore is its compatability. Is there somewhere perhaps on the web where i can find word documents that I can try to open.
Thanks, Dag

  [DELETED] 11:51 09 Oct 2003

Not sure as to the standard of your star office but there was recently a trial run by PCA on the latest version. Although there is some loss of formatting here and there, generally the compatibility between SO and MS Office is pretty good.

Bear in mind that although SO will open MS files, anything saved in SO format will not open in Office, you have to 'save as' the office format.

Unless your various files are critical in their content being identical in all aspects, SO is a very good alternative.


  dagbladet 12:34 09 Oct 2003

Thanks Craig, come to think of it, I've got a copy of Works 7 somewhere. Given that i've got so little room on my HD, do you think W7 might be a better bet than my SO which has been called Open Office 1.0.1.

  [DELETED] 22:45 09 Oct 2003

With the amount of space you have remaining I think it is a case of using what fits best. I think you will find that a disc as full as that you will be effecting the performance of the PC anyway as the swap file will be greatly reduced.

It does seem a very small hd by todays standards, maybe you couod think about picking up another hd, you can get some very cheap small ones as they are no longer in demand.


  [DELETED] 22:52 09 Oct 2003

I took part in the PCA Star office chalenge.

I found it very good at being able to read/write MS Word docs.

I dont think that the threads are available to view now maybe the FE can help you.

I still use both SO6 and MS word 2000 and have hade very few problems and for £50-£60 you cant really go wrong.

  Forum Editor 23:08 09 Oct 2003

with Word documents in Star Office - they'll open OK, as Craig.m says.

I also agree with Craig's comment on your remaining drive space - you may run into swap file (virtual memory) problems. If you hear the drive chattering away to itself as you work you'll know that Windows is using the swap file, and you may find you get 'out of memory' messages when trying to open files.

  [DELETED] 01:22 10 Oct 2003

I also evaluated it for PCA. Word documents and Powerpoint type presentations were fine as far as compatibility is concerned but I couldn't get the spreadsheet to gel with Excel, so I gave up and went back to Office. Having said that, the spreadsheet looks good and if you're not used to Excel (or don't need it that much) then it would probably serve your needs.

"Is there somewhere perhaps on the web where i can find word documents that I can try to open?" just copy any text based web page and paste it into your StarOffice word program and see if the formatting is the same. A lot of them were probably created in MS Word in the first place.

  dagbladet 10:51 10 Oct 2003

Thanks every one. I do indeed have by todays standards a very small machine. It's an old (7-8 year ?) Viglen machine that came out of my brothers office when he upgraded (he didn't nick it he owns the company). I have a AMD 2600+ at home but during the week I stay in digs near my work and he thought I might like one of the old work machines to do a bit of surfing and keep up with the e-mails. I was dubious at first given the spec; 99mhz cpu, 1 gig hd, 32 mb ram, modem. We gave it a clean (minimal) Win 98 installation, removed the network card (which certainly speeded up the boot-up if not the performance), loaded AOL so I could utilise my current anytime account and I was staggered to find it surfs almost as fast as my home machine. I occasionaly get offered a hard drive or a PII system for a few quid but it has become a bit of a labour of love to see what I can get out of my little machine for little or no money. So far my (own) Win98 from a previous home machine, AVG 6, Zone alarm, AOL (already paid for), and now a fully functioning office program from a mag coverdisk. However at close to a full hard drive you are all coorect in that the drive is clattering away like the old teleprinter at the end of Grandstand. Anyway sorry to waffle on and thanks again for all your help..Now what can I delete next

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