Open specific worksheet in Excel

  DarenLee 10:02 16 Oct 2003

Is it possible to open a specific worksheet in Excel by default ?

  MAJ 10:09 16 Oct 2003

Yes, you could save it as a .xlt (template) file, to have it open by default it would have to be called, Normal.xlt and replace the existing Normal.xlt file. There might be a better way, so hang around until VoG gets here, he'll tell you the definitive answer.

  Taff36 10:34 16 Oct 2003

Why don`t you simply put a shortcut to it on your desktop and always open Excel from there?

Right click on your desktop choose NEW > SHORTCUT and browse to the location of the file you want to open.

  tbh72 12:11 16 Oct 2003

I might be wrong but..... Look on your HDD in the office folder there you will find a folder named XLStart, a workbook placed in this folder will open automatically when you start Excel? I haven't tried so cant clarify.

  Cesar 12:20 16 Oct 2003

Locate the file you wan't to start with Excel, copy and paste it to XLstart (usually in the office 10 folder) if there is another file there delete it, when you start Excel your file will be open, I have used this method for a long time now. A word of warning if XLStart contains macros don't delete them.

  Chris the Ancient 12:46 16 Oct 2003

I'm slightly confused by your question and its possible answers!

Do you want Excel to open with a specific workBOOK - in which case, the above are fine.

OR Do you want a given workbook - when opened - to open at a specific workSHEET (one book = several sheets usually).

If the latter is what you want, you will need to define a macro called Auto_Open() and set that to open at the required sheet.

If this is what you want, please come back and let us know and then someone can point you in the right direction. (Though I'm going out again until later.)


  Cesar 13:11 16 Oct 2003

The workbook will open at the page that was displayed when the workbook was saved.

  VoG II 14:46 16 Oct 2003

If you want to always open the same sheet, regardless of which was displayed when you saved the workboot you can do as Chris the Ancient suggests. There are a few approaches: the following allows you to specify which cell is selected as well.

In Excel, ALT+F11 to open the Visual Basic Editor then Insert/Module. Paste in the following 3 lines of code.

Sub Auto_Open()

Application.Goto reference:=Workbooks("MYFILE.XLS").Worksheets("Intro").Range("A1"), scroll:=True

End Sub

(Obviously substitute your filename, sheet name and cell.)

Close the VBE. SAve the file and close it. The next time it will open where you want.

  dazza8769 17:17 16 Oct 2003

Chris the Ancient you're right I wanted to open the spreadsheet on a specific worksheet eahc time it was opened. My spreadsheet has many worksheets with multi users saving it from different worksheets.
VoG - Many thanks, that is exactly what I wanted, I have put it in and it works perfectly, thanks a lot !! :)

  Chris the Ancient 19:53 16 Oct 2003

Change of personalilty???

Sorry to be late coming back - I've just got in, sorted the day's admin (before the missus nags me) and here I am.

Glad we got it sorted for you. I did have the feeling that was what you wanted. I was in a dash going out when I caught the thread this morning, and, obviously, VoG came in in good time to do what I should have done (given time) and shown the macro.

The main thing is that it is all go for you.


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