Open ports ! What do I do?

  SB23 21:19 09 Dec 2003

Having just run a security scan on my pc,imagine my absolute shock to discover that I have a couple of ports open,(all the others are running stealth),and that these ports could be vulnerable to attack.Despite all my efforts,(I'm still a novice),how do I find out what these ports are doing,and if poss,how do I close them.So far I cannot find any info anywhere,to help me.I run NIS '03,and XP,and thought all bases were covered,I'm concerned because a mate thought he was safe last week,but a hacker got in,and did alot of damage.Am I stupid to be so worried?...Sb

  powerless 21:22 09 Dec 2003

Colse 'em!

...with a firewall click here

  powerless 21:22 09 Dec 2003

You can CLOSE them to if you want!

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